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What do they have in common with eric carr??????


Sometimes band names don't quite describe the band. This is not the case when it comes to "Three Men and a Gorilla." I started hearing a buzz on this band so I decided to look them up online. Lo and behold the group consists of Three Men ­ Captain Chaos All American Superhero Rock God on bass and vocals, Danny Destroyer on guitars, Kevin "Kannons" Myers on drums, and a gorilla named Paulie S (yes a guy in a gorilla suit) on lead vocals. If that isn't enough, the Three Men are dressed as the late motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel. Weird? Well, who am I to judge this band when my favorite band of all time wears makeup and vomits blood?
I learned from the band's MySpace page that they were getting a lot of votes in a contest to open for KISS this summer.
Since the band was in a contest involving KISS I wondered if they were influenced by KISS. After a quick email I got my answer. Kevin Myers' all time favorite drummer is our very own Eric Carr. I emailed Kevin a few questions and here are his answers for Eric

What is your band "Three Men and a Gorilla" up to these days?
Currently we're in a competition to open for KISS at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdale, NJ. We're in 2nd place as of tonight and could use all the help we can get to vote for us at We also auditioned for America's Got Talent and made it as far as the semi-finals for NYC. We were brought back from a field of over 70,000 people and got to play the Hammerstien Ball room in NYC. It was great; we had a lot of fun.
What was the first KISS album you owned with Eric Carr on it? How old were you?
The first album was The Elder. I was eleven years old and even then I knew Eric was a great drummer; it was then and still is my favorite KISS album. I had my doubts that they could replace Peter, as he was the reason I started drumming to begin with, but as soon as I heard Eric playing, I thought "Holy S**t, KISS just stepped it up ten notches. Nothing against Peter, but Eric was just a monster. He was so solid as a drummer, you couldn't help but notice his input to the band immediately. 
Did you get to see Eric Carr play live with KISS? If so, how many times? Do you have any favorite memories of those shows?
I got to see Eric on every tour he did with KISS except the Creatures Of The night tour, a total of six times! Each show was just amazing. To hear his influence on the band in the studio was amazing, but to see him play live almost left me speechless. The highlights of these shows were always his drum solos, especially the tour where he started to incorporate electronic pads into his kit.
How much do you feel Eric Carr influenced your drumming?
Let's see, If Peter was my first influence, or beginning influence if you will, Eric was definitely my advanced influence. After I heard Eric play on the Elder, I wanted to learn everything he did. I wanted to incorporate his style into what I was doing, or should I say at that time, TRYING to do. Needless to say, I can definitely and honestly still hear his influence on my playing today.
If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts KISS, do you feel Eric Carr should be included even though he was not the original drummer of KISS and if so, why?
First off, I have no faith in the R&R Hall of Fame, they have time and time again inducted the LEAST deserving people. I mean, honestly, Madonna gets inducted before KISS? Before RUSH, before UFO? I could keep going, but won't waste your time. It's embarrassing that they call it the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As far as Eric being inducted, I feel that everyone who's been involved in keeping KISS alive, should be inducted as part of the KISS legacy.
If you could ask Eric Carr one question today what would it be?
I would just sit and ask him about his favorite memories of his time with KISS, well, that and how much for lessons.
What is your favorite KISS song with Eric Carr on drums?
WOW, that's a tough one. With over ten years of great music to pick from, it's almost impossible, but, if I'm being pinned down to one, it would have to be Creatures Of The Night. Every time I saw him play it live, the opening was just ferocious, that's the only word I can think of to describe it. It was like a rampaging beast was let loose on the drum kit, it was amazing. 
Any closing thoughts?
Eric was an amazing drummer, songwriter and from what I've always read or heard about him, he was an amazing person who always took time out to meet the fans and make sure they knew he truly appreciated their support and love for him. He was another one of many who was taken from his friends, fans and most importantly, his family, way too soon

Thanks Kevin and Good Luck.

Contributing writer Nick Clemente


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