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InterviewWith Bruce Kulick
By ByronFogle
Bruce visited Eric Carr's first house in Brooklyn .Eric was born here in 1950.
With the box set and all the current happeningswith Eric's 10th anniversary I thought it'd be a perfect timeto interview Bruce Kulick once again.

I hadn't done an interview with Bruce since the TaleOf The Fox special I did, which can be found on Kiss Asylum inmy Video Spotlight section.

Recently back from a tour of Argentina with Union, a handful ofKiss expos & some shows with Grand Funk Railroad. Bruce bringsus up to date on Eric projects, and his thoughts on Eric, thebox set, and more. You can keep up with Bruce's other happenings,and can also order his solo album "Audio Dog" at hiswebsite

Byron Fogle: With the Kiss boxset coming out can you give usany idea besides "Ain't That Peculiar" (Little Caesardemo) any other songs Eric had completed either in demo form orcompleted form that didn't appear on Rockolgy that you or Kisscould possibly release in the future?

Bruce Kulick: The only other one is "Dial L for Love",which is not great. I have a rough demo of it, and I did pitchit for the box set, as Gene and Adam Mitchell co-wrote it butit was not considered.

  BF: There was a rumblings circulating last year thatthere was a possibility of taking the unfinished Eric songs onRockology and having an all-star cast finish them is that trueand if so any further details on that?

BK: Never heard of that one.

BF: How do you feel about there being a lack of demos or livematerial on the box set and just mainly album tracks for the yearsEric and you were in the band?

BK: Well now with "Ain't That Peculiar", we have oneat least!! And "Time Traveler", which I played on.

BF: To your knowledge does any full concerts or live recordingsexist with you & Eric Carr in the Kiss Vaults?

BK: Not sure.. could be

BF: Has any more progress been made to have The Rockheads madeinto a cartoon show or comic book?

BK: No. Not yet.. not sure about comic book, I thought Eric's family wasworking on that.

BF: Are there any funny backstage or off-stage stories youcan share about Eric that you may not have told or will not bein "Honorable Discharge"?

BK: They will be in the book.. I will have a great Eric Chapter

BF: What song from the era with Eric & yourself would you haveliked to have performed live but never had the chance to?

BK: Well we did "Little Caesar" once I think, but thatwould have been fun to do often. "Hell or High Water"(which is on the box set) would have been fun as well. I thinkwe did it live once as well!!

BF: What were the thoughts and emotions running through youas you laid down the lead track for "Carr Jam 81" onRevenge?

BK: Well, it was strange, but I was happy to be playing the guitarinstead of grieving.

BF: Out of all the songs Eric recorded with Kiss featuringyou or another guitarist what song do you think featured Ericbest playing?

BK: Well a lot of the "Creatures of the Night" albumwas amazing... "Tears Are Falling", "King of theMountain" and "Forever" were great as well.

BF: Looking back now 10 years is there one thing you wish youcould change beside Eric passing away that you would like to involvingEric?

BK: Well, I wished we wrote even more together. He was very, verytalented.

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