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Carrie Stevens...

Not Just Another Pretty Face
By: Mandy Strunk

Actress and Playboy playmate Carrie Stevens has lent her talents to many
roles throughout her career but perhaps one of the most important parts she
is taking on is her appearance at FoxxFest 2000 on August 6 at The Hemmen,s
Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois.


FoxxFest 2000, recognized by the Eric Carr Foundation, is an event centered
around music to benefit The
Children's Memorial Hospital of Chicago in Eric
Carr's name. Carr, a.k.a. Paul Caravello, drummed for the rock group Kiss
from 1980 until his death from cancer in 1991. In keeping with the band's
theme of bazaar characters, Carr's image was loosely patterned after a fox.
Hence, FoxxFest.

Stevens, Carr's longtime girlfriend, stood by his side during good times and
throughout his horrific battle with the disease. "Being involved in
Foxxfest 2000 is a good way for me to express my pride in Eric Carr,
Stevens explained. "Also, to give back for a good cause helps me heal the
pain of what I experienced loosing him.


Currently in post production is "Rock Star", a film
starring Jennifer Aniston and Mark Whalberg in which Stevens plays a guitarist's wife opposite virtuoso Zakk Wylde (of Ozzy Osbourne fame). The film is due to be released Spring 2001.

And just who is the glossy-lipped leather-clad beauty in Third Eye Blind,s
smash hit video, "Never Let You Go?
It is Stevens! "Working with Third
Eye Blind was a blast, said Stevens. "I felt like their little muse. It
was a great complement to be chosen to do the video as I reflect the band's
image. And what an image that is. Just try to shake those clips out of
your mind!

Stevens keeps extremely busy and in demand as a model, working with Playboy,
shooting new pictures and consistently updating her web site

Focusing on the upcoming FoxxFest 2000, Stevens shared her insight. "I
believe Eric would be flattered to be remembered just the way that he is
now. His fans and his family have done an amazing job keeping his memory
alive. The thing that stands out most to me is that everyone remembers him
as the nice guy. He really was. I think that would make him happy.

No doubt Stevens will feel strong emotions on August 6 as many of Carr's
closest friends and thousands of his devout fans gather to remember his
vibrant, exuberant life in which he freely shared with so many. "What I
remember most about Eric Carr is the way he loved me. I felt so loved by
him, Stevens reflected. There will likely be shivers down many spines that
day. Will yours be one of them?

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Mandy Strunk is a music journalist and author of The Whole World Sings: The
Fans Behind Barry Manilow (Dowling Press), and the upcoming e-book, The
Ultimate Guide to Rock and Pop Music Official Fan Clubs and Web Sites
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