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InterviewWith Eddie Trunk
By ByronFogle

At the same time I did my initial interviewwith WNEW Saturday Night Rocks host Eddie Trunk, on KISS ASYLUM

Having known Eddie for some time now also I was well aware ofhis friendship with Eric Carr. Eddie shares his insight, personalstories, & all around knowledge of the man on and off-stage EricCarr.

Eddie is hosting a great benefit on Nov 28th in NYC for the familiesof the police & fireman who lost their lives in the WTC disaster.

All those details and much more can be found by visiting Eddie'ssite on the web at

Byron Fogle: When did you meet Eric Carr?

Ed Trunk: The very first time was on the Lick It Up tour in WorcesterMA. This was just before I started to get in the business. A bunchof friends and I traveled for the show because on the Creaturestour that was the closest they came to NYC and we didn't wantto take chance and miss them again.

We were at a hotel next to the venue a few hours before the showhaving a few beers in our room with the door open. Eric was stayingthere, and walked right by. We called him, and being the greatguy he was, he stopped and came into the room and hung out. Hedidn't know any of us at all! We took photos, he signed, talkeda bit, and went to the gig. Just one of many examples of whatkind of person he was. Later, when I started working with Ace,Eric got in touch. He was a big fan of Ace and really wanted toplay on the solo albums, but Gene and Paul said no way.

When Ace was auditioning new band members, Eric filled in andplayed drums in rehearsal. We just started having many mutualfriends and started hanging out together. Plus Eric always likedto bounce ideas off of me because I was in the business at thetime and he trusted me. He shared many ideas, frustrations, andpersonal things with me until the day he passed.

BF:  What are you favorite moments with Eric on or offthe air?

ET: On air, he was a ball buster. He just liked to have a goodtime and laugh and joke around. He was always amazed that peopleknew who he was and that he actually had fans. He was so appreciativethat anybody would even want him to do a radio interview. Onething I remember was having him on when I was at my old NJ station.The building was on a highway with a little lawn in front. Afterwe finished the show, the parking lot was filled with fans wantinghis autograph. Eric and I stood on the lawn as he signed for agroup of people. All of a sudden, two huge floodlights come drivingup splitting the crowd and scaring the hell out of us, stoppinga few feet from where we were. It was just a crazed fan with aKiss logo on the side of his truck that wanted an autograph, butit scared the shit out of us both. I also remember going to seeKings X with him in LA, and him getting me drunk before I intro'dKiss at the Meadowlands on the Hot In The Shade tour. Offair he was pretty much the same, but a little more laid back.It's funny, people always say nice things about people after theydie, but with Eric it was all true.

BF:  What is your favorite Eric song? (Kiss or off Rockology)

ET: Playing wise I always loved Saint & Sinner from Creatures.To me, Creatures is the ultimate air drum album, incredible. Ijust love the pocket in that song. Eric told me as that song faded;he played so hard his hands started bleeding. I know he was veryproud of Little Caesar and did more than just play drums and sing.Eric played bass and sang a lot on the Kiss albums, as well asother stuff. But I really loved anything on Creatures, great drumsound.

BF: What was your favorite Eric drum solo?

ET: The solo he did on the Asylum tour was way ahead of its time.I thought that was one of the coolest most entertaining solosI have ever seen. The lights, the riser, the synth pads.. incredible.He should have gotten a lot more credit for that, many have rippedit off.

BF:  What do you think the best tour with Eric Carr was?

ET: Hot In The Shade was by far the best non-makeup/Eric tour.

It was the best stage show,set list, and the band finally lookedcomfortable out of makeup. I also thought that was the best non-originallineup, and I loved that there were no individual solos and moresongs.

BF: Do you feel Eric should've gotten more songs on Kiss records?

ET: Well he did contribute from the beginning as far as writing.I think it would have been nice to have him sing at least onesong on each record, he had a strong voice, but after the firstlineup change, Kiss became all about Gene and Paul. But it wascool that Eric was allowed to write with the band on the albums,many bands don't even do that.

BF:  You're tribute to Eric in 1991 on WDHA (a New jerseyradio station) has been considered one of the best tributes donehave you ever considered doing another tribute show to Eric likefor his 10 year anniversary?

ET: That was a tough spot. I wish I had it on tape, but I can'tfind any of my old stuff. When I do, I will put it on was difficult because that was the same night as services forEric upstate NY. I had to make the decision whether to do thetribute, or go to the service. Knowing Eric like I did, I knewhe would have much rather had his music played. It was very emotionalat the time, his death came as such a surprise, because he hadcalled me and told me he was healthy and cancer free after allthe heart stuff and surgery. I told him to relax, call everybodyelse with the good news, and we'd hook up after he got his strengthback in a week or so. I didn't hear from him for a while and thengot a call from Kiss keyboardist Gary Corbett with the news. Iwas shocked and couldn't believe it. I'm glad I did the tribute,the fans really appreciated it, and that was important becauseEric's death did not get the attention it should have. I willdo something for the 10 year anniversary for sure, at the veryleast, a block of songs.

BF: What song would you have liked Kiss to do with Eric butthey never did.

ET: Little Caesar, just because it would have been so big forhim. I always loved King Of The Mountain and saw them do it onceon the Asylum tour in Connecticut. 

BF: Which Kiss song would you have liked to hear Eric singlive old or new?

ET: Never really thought about that. I think it was great whenhe sang "Young & Wasted" live. He could have sang anything,just a really powerful voice.

BF: Any last words on Eric that you can share for the readershere at KISS ASYLUM?

ET: I've been in the music business about 18 years, and I haverarely met anybody as warm a person as Eric Carr. He never thoughtof himself as better than anybody else. He would come to my parent'shouse when I was living home and sit down and have dinner withthe family. Anytime a Kiss tour would start, he would always sendthe tour schedule and two laminates so I could come out anytime.

When Eric was sick, and Kiss had started working with Eric Singer,he was convinced that he was out of Kiss even if he got healthy.I remember him calling and asking me if I knew any bands lookingfor a drummer. He was a bit paranoid about that stuff, but hehad his reasons. I always told him to just focus on getting betterand things would work out. He was also really into the Rockheadsproject, and thought that was going to be a big break for him.I hooked him up at the time with a friend that worked at MTV,and it looked like it might be picked up by them before he gotsick. He was a super talent, but an even better person. I nevermet a fan that didn't love the guy. I was a fan and a friend andI still think about him often. Sometimes I still find it toughto watch and listen to interviews. Hard to believe he's been gone10 years, but he will live forever with the fans for sure, andI know that would mean more than anything to him.

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