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is all about young people lovin' music and having fun! We are 6 kids who get together to jam on classic KISS songs, play games, tell jokes, read comics, and tell everyone about how much fun music is! Soon we'll have videos on our page so everyone can join in the fun with us

We are a KISS Tribute band made up of kids ages 11-14.  We actually play our instruments and sing (no lip-syncing!), and we are all big fans of Eric Carr! (especially our drummer, naturally).
We have a series of DVD Episodes that we call KIDS CAN ROCK that we make and give out to children at our performances for free.  In the DVD we do play music, do silly skits, talk about music and musicians, have guest musicians, and have a lot of fun.  The DVDs are really, really popular here in Ohio and Indiana.  One of our most popular characters in the show is Star the Fox, who wears a fuzzy "fox" costume and has the Eric Carr "fox" make-up.  In fact, a lot of each Episode takes place at "The Fox Den". You can see some of the episodes on youtube and on our other myspace:
Just wanted to say hi and tell you how big of Eric Carr fans we are!! KIDS