I wanted to send you this picture of my 10 year old so, Peyton, wearing Eric's fox make-up. This was taken @ the 5/20/2012 Kiss expo in Atlanta, GA. There was a lady painting faces there for $5, & he wanted Eric's amke-up. He threw her for a loop because she only knew the other 4 faces. He was a HUGE hit! The "Gene" from the tribute band Kiss America asked to have his picture with Peyton! There were a lot of people that wanted to take his picture (Kissonline included). He said to me, "dad, do you think I can get my picture on the official Eric Carr website?" I told him probably. He was so happy to wear Eric's make-up @ the convention. I thought you would really like to see the picture & hear our story. Eric was & always will be my favorite KISS member! Thank you for all the great stuff you do to keep his memory alive! 

Sean Hefner

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