1. What made you decide to portray Eric Carr over Peter Criss?

I grew up in the "80's" The first song I ever learned to play was "Heaven's on fire". When learning how to play, my drumming style was based on Eric's Hard hitting. I just felt more "comfortable" in his make-up than Peter's. Every other tribute band was doing the " Love Gun Era" (including us) . I wanted something different. Thank God, Carlos and I were on the same page, together we decided to do something that no other band had the guts to do. Pay tribute not only to KISS, but to Eric Carr as well.


2. What are your favorite Eric era songs to perform?

Creatures of the Night , Tears are Falling , and Forever


3. What was your favorite drum solo that Eric did live & what tour was it done on?

His Hot in the Shade Solo... besides being able to witness his last solo ever, (at MSG) it was just unreal ...He took over the show and left us wanting more!


4. Do you feel Kiss has done anything substantial to keep Eric's memory alive?

I think they've done what they could to keep his face out there while still pushing the Original 4 Characters. Do I wish they would do more? YES! But I understand the business and what they are pushing is what is on stage now.


5. What Eric song or song would you like to add to the Kissnation set list but haven't performed? (can be Eric vocal or just drumming)

YOUNG AND WASTED!!! (Animalize home video version) I need more tunes to screech , I mean sing.


6. What is your favorite album from Eric's era with the band and why?

Creatures of the Night... JUST LISTEN TO THE DRUMS!!! Plus the band finally came back to it's roots on that album, Kick A$$ Rock and Roll

7. Do you feel Peter would've gotten the nod over Eric for the 96 reunion if he were still alive?


Unfortunately , Yes. People wanted the Original 4 ...Just as I did but I would have loved nothing more than to see Eric in his Fox make-up jamming with Gene, Paul, and Ace.

8. Was Eric Carr a role model for you, if so what did you learn from him?

I really never looked up to Rock Stars as role models...My parents already had that title. I did learn from him and his untimely death, that life is too short so live it to the fullest.

9. How did you feel about Eric re-recording Beth for Smashes Thrashes & Hits?

Even though I thought his version was better , I didn't think it was right. That was Peter's song always will be. I 'm glad he never performed it live...thats why you'll never see me sing that song in Eric's make-up.

10. If you could sum Eric Carr up in one word what would it be?




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