Eric Carr Tribute in Moscow

Just wanted everybody in the world to know, that Russian KISS fans remember Eric & still love him dearly. Few weeks back we had a tribute concert for him here in Moscow, where some of the finest club musicians - from the various musical styles - did some KISS tunes that had something to do with Eric. 15 years ago we all had lost somebody, who was really close to us - despite the miles and miles between us. God bless Eric Carr!
visit http://www.kiss for more, Paul Potapov, Moscow Rock City
Warmwordsandwishes from our friends

NEW 1/13/2007
To The Caravello family

Hi my name is Anthony from New York I know it took along time for me to write this to you but I think you should know this although you proberly know what a special person Eric was and still is.Back in 1985 or 1986 I do remember the date Dec 5th the place on a streetcorner in Manhattan around 5th ave. I was with my brother I stopped turned to my brother and said that's Eric Carr he said get a life ,I said no that is Eric Carr Look at that head of hair.He was wearing a long green Army jacket black sun glasses and carrying a brief case.He was making a phone call at a phone booth I went up to himand said Eric he turned around shook my hand I complimented to him what a great drummer he is and how his changed the whole band for the better and started to walk away because I did not want to bother him .He said wait a minute he hung the phone up and started to talk He saw I was wearing custom made gold drum sticks from my neck and asked me were I got them I told him he then ask me what kind of drums I have how long I was playingand so on.We talked for about 5 min .he then gave me a business card with his name on it and said if you ever have any question just call. I was stunned. He then shook my brother and my hand and said you and your family have a great Christmas. My brother turns to me and said that must be ani poster no rock star gives you his card let alone sits and talks to out thought long he doesn't even know you.What a down to earth person he was and that is I believe from the way he was raised.The business card was stolen out of my friends car so I never did call him. And I never ask him for his autograph Which I know he would have given me.I just want to tell you he was just a great down to earth person again which you already know .To his mom and dad Thank you for the great memory I have of your son he was and still is a class act. Sincerely Anthony

Dear Eric's Family,

My name is Donald Witt. I'm a local Drummer from Des Moines, Ia. I have A couple of KISS Tattoos on my upper right, and left arms. On my upper Right arm is Peter Criss with "CATMAN" above it, and on my upper left arm in Bold Red letters is the KISS logo! Well, for the longest time, I've been making plans to do it right, and I've always wanted to put something below the KISS logo. Well, I'm going to pay Tribute to one of my mentors, my influences, and favorite Drummers in the world, and when I found out he had passed, I cried for a week! I'm putting his face in make-up under the KISS logo with a banner below. in the middle of the banner will have R.I.P., and on each end of the banner will have his birth year, and the year of his passing. And somewhere in between, it will have " Gone but not forgotten". I just can't describe to you how I felt the energy that Eric brought to KISS when I first heard him play! We all loved him, and yes he was, is, and always will be in my heart, and I still play his songs when I practice! I just have to find the right picture of him in Make-up that I want to
be the right one because I want it to be a part of me for life! Well, Thank You for your time. I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and a Safe & Happy New Year! Take Care & God Bless!

Donald Witt
Des Moines, Ia.


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love you guys....
.. Cole A.

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