Nelson Pop sat down recently with Pharoah drummer Nelson Pop. He shared a story about meeting Eric Carr in 1987, his drum influences and what's on tap next for Pharoah.

EC: Eric
NP: Nelson Pop

EC: Please tell us about the time you met Eric Carr:

NP: I went to a KISS show in Connecticut and had backstage passes. After the show, all the guys came out to meet and greet the fans. I was able to talk to Eric for awhile, he commented on my hair ( BIG and 2 colors!) and I explained to him that the hair was one of the trademarks of PHAROAH. We had the drummer thing in common, which was cool, and he was very accommodating and accessible to all the fans backstage.

EC: Was Eric Carr an influence on your drummer?

NP: For sure! I had always followed the band. When Eric replaced Peter Criss, I thought he was the luckiest guy in the world.

EC: By the looks of Pharoah is it safe to say the band are big KISS fans?

NP: Definitely. Pharoah has done the Glam thing from day one. But more importantly, we have always believed in putting on a killer show to compliment the music. You know, give the audience more than what they expected.

EC: What is your favorite KISS song from the Eric Carr years of KISS?

NP:"I Love It Loud" from "Creatures of the Night". Its such a heavy, anthemic song. The drum track itself is pretty basic, but the heavy sound and Eric's style on that song reminds me of John Bonham.

EC: Tell us what is going on with Pharoah now in 2009. Any new music? Merchandise?

NP: Pharoah's first album "First Strike" and the vinyl picture disc music are being re mastered and soon will be available for download at all major retailers. Later in the year "First Strike" and the picture disc songs will be compiled on to one CD along with a 2009 Pharoah track to be announced. The CD's will be available online worldwide and Best Buy in the United States. Talks are also in the works for a possible vinyl release. Check the Pharoah website for new details.

EC: How can people find out more about Pharoah?


EC: Thank you very much for your time and please keep us posted on your new ventures.

NP: Thank you ! I have always been a huge KISS fan, and I appreciate being able to share my story.


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