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Interview With Ralph Carle
By Byron Fogle

Ralph Carle is best known as a true fan of Eric's that released a great album called Prophecy. It is complete with a cover of a track from Eric's Cellarman days, "Your Turn To Cry" as well as a rare Eric Carr radio ID. Recently, I did an interview with the Lunar Moth man himself to see what his thoughts were on Eric and the meaning behind the Prophecy project.

Byron Fogle:  The cover of Prophecy has kind of an Eric feel obviously you had a solo album image in mind how did you come up with that idea and was it influenced by Eric?

Ralph Carle: The cover is a fantasy "what if I was in KISS" kind of thing.  I think that most fans at one point or another think about the alter ego that they would portray, given the opportunity to be in KISS.  Unfortunately, we did not get to see an Eric Carr solo album, so I figured I would design a character with Eric in mind.  The make-up design is loosely based on the original Eric Carr character The Hawk.  More directly, it is patterned after the wings of a luna moth.

BF: You did a cool cover of "Your Turn To Cry" on your cd; I felt the Little Caesar line at the fade out of the song was a nice touch. What made you choose that particular Eric song to cover?

RC: I worked with Eric's family on covering the song.  I chose "Your Turn to Cry" for two reasons.  First off, it matched more closely the writing style of the rest of the record.  Most of the songs on Prophecy are acoustically driven.  Secondly, I wanted to do a non-KISS Eric Carr song to commemorate Eric as a person, as well as a musician.  On the original recording, Eric was about the same age I was when I joined my first band, Hi-Anxiety.  The Little Caesar tags at the end was one of the things that just kind of happened in the studio.  It fit well, and added a small part of Eric's contribution to KISS to the project.

BF: There's an Eric radio ID from WCWP on the cd, it sort of gives you a Detroit Rock City vibe with the radio intro. Can you give the people reading this an insight on how that became part of the cd?

RC: A few years ago, a friend of mine did and Eric Carr Memorial Special. It was a really cool 2-cassette radio show, with Eric as a guest.  It also had some of Eric's musical history on it that kept it from wide spread release.  Being that I thought it was such a cool project, I asked if I could use the WCWP ID in the opening of the Prophecy CD.  Actually, it almost never happened.  I finished the musical portion of the CD, and basically ran out of time. When I went into the studio to master the project, I mentioned that I wanted to put an intro on the beginning of the CD, but didn't have time to finish it.  It was really funny because the engineer, without saying a work, got up and walked out of the room.  I didn't know what was going on, but about a minute later he can back with a radio and a mic.  He sat down, and recorded the radio as he scrolled through the stations.  Then he edited in samples from the other songs on Prophecy.  Now keep in mind that he did not say a WORD to me!!!!  Then he played it back with the Eric Carr id in it.  I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face!!  Eric would have loved that!!!

BF: How does it feel knowing the Eric's family & even band members liked your version of "Your Turn To Cry" ?

RC:  It feels amazing!!! Eric's family called me as soon as they heard it, and thanked me.  They are really nice people.

BF: Did you have the chance to meet Eric Carr?

RC:  I actually met Eric a couple times.  The first time was at his first show with KISS in 1980 at the Palladium.  I was seven years old, and thought he was Peter Criss!!!!  I also met Eric at Z-100 in NY years later.  I knew who he was that time!!

BF:  What would you like to see Eric remembered for?

RC:  Eric Carr should be remembered for his personality.  I think anyone who has ever been around him would agree!!!

BF: What does Eric Carr mean to you, as a fan, performer etc...

RC: Eric Carr, to me, is really the perfect blend of performer and personality.

BF: What are your favorites of Eric
A. tour

RC: Hot in the Shade

B. Album

RC: Creatures of the Night

C. Song Eric sang (live or studio)

RC: Black Diamond live!!

D. Drum solo

RC: Carr Jam speaks for itself!!

BF: Have you considered writing an original song as a tribute to Eric?

RC: I have.  I have a couple ideas in the works, and hopefully I will be able to get some special guests to perform on it!!

BF: If you had to describe Eric Carr with one word what would that be?

RC: Rockology

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