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InterviewWith Richie Scarlet
By ByronFogle

What can be said about "The Emperorof Rock & Roll" Richie Scarlet, well besides being a kickass guitar player with Ace and a host of other famous people includingLeslie West & part of Sebastian Bach's solo band, he was alsogood friends with Eric Carr as well as a co-writer on Breakouton the 1st Frehley's Comet Album. Richie has also released quitea few solo records since Ace rejoined Kiss in 1996 for their reunion.

His current release called "The Insanity Of Life" isavailable now. You can also check out Richie's site and pick upthe new cd at http://www.richiescarlet.comright here in cyber space (Get it, spaceAce... ha ha)

Here Richie shares his memories of Eric and shed light on someother facts possibly never before talked about.

Byron Fogle: When did you meet Eric Carr?

Richie Scarlet: I believe it was at Ace's studio in Wilton, Connecticutsometime in '83.

BF: How did the writing of Breakout come about?

RS: Eric had already had the music written as a demo for KISS...Ibelieve. Ace, at the time, was going through some legal problemsso the theme of Breakout materialized. So Ace and I just wrotethe words for it based on that situation.

BF: Ace has stated in interviews that Eric was slated to playon an album. Can you shed any details on what album or song(s)he was going to play on before Gene & Paul said he couldn't dueto his contract in Kiss?

RS: Those rehearsals took place at SIR Studios in New York City.I am not 100% sure but I think the songs included: "ShotFull Of Rock",  "Trouble Walkin'", "LostIn Limbo", and "Back To School". Eric was veryexcited about playing on the record and it was a let down forall of us when it didn't manifest.

BF: Do you have any funny stories about Eric that you can shareduring the time you spent together?

RS: I recorded a X-mas song with Eric for a radio station calledWPDH out of Poughkeepsie, New York. There were many all-star playerson it and a lot of them were very serious, while Eric was so playfuland light-hearted during the sessions, that it brought the wholevibe of the project up a million notches!

BF: It has become public knowledge that Eric jammed with theband for tryouts. Were you a part of those sessions? If so, doyou remember which songs were played?

RS: See question #3

BF: Have you had the chance to hear Eric's CD Rockology? Ifso, what is your favorite song of that CD?

RS: Unfortunately, no I haven't ...yet!

BF: There has been talk of a song called "Rock Your Mind"which has been dubbed as "Breakout 2" is there any chanceof that song being released on a future CD once Ace is finishedwith KISS?

RS: Anything is possible with the Ace.

BF: In my opinion, the version of "Breakout" on AntonFig's home video, with the proceedings going to Eric's cancerfund, was a wonderful thing you did. How did that performancecome about?

RS: It was really all Anton's doing. We recorded that at ElectricLady Studios in New York. Anton loved the song and invited usdown to video it. I'm glad that it went to a great cause!

BF: If you had to describe Eric Carr with one word, what wordwould that be?

RS:  Saint

BF:  How would you like to see Eric Carr remembered?

RS: As the warm, passionate, & talented human being that he was.God bless Eric Carr!

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