A&C is in the process of moving to a new and larger location. Our new address will be posted soon. Please check out these new additions to our sight for your veiwing pleasure. We feature a huge selection of rare and unique Rock and Roll memorable, Collectables and Items for the most DIEHARD KISS FANS. Genuine Gold Records and awards. Plus hundreds of other Rock Bands. We feature a huge selection of Rock Videos and Audios, Tee-Shirts, Mugs, Keychains, Jewerly, Buttons, Rare Albums, Fanzines, magazines, Cassette, Posters, Rock stickers, Promo Albums, Photo's, plus much much more. You will be notified of any new address on this web site. Thanks.

Come in and browse around ,we'd love to see ya.


While Browsing around enjoy our KISS EXIHIBIT you will be treated to one of the rarest collections of original and authentic KISS Memorabilia Displays around. Never before seen Costume and accessories Ideas created in 1982 by Kiss wardrobe manager, idea's include, designs for Vinnie Vincent, and new ideas for Paul and Eric. Copies of these can be purchased.


Elder...To top it off you will veiw original handwritten notes, and music. Rare Elder corrections, and had written music, The Oath. Also our collection includes, never before seen Lyrics for World without Heros, before it's final version, Genuine Handwritten music for Just a Boy and Odessey. This music was handwritten by Gene Simmons, Eric Carr, and other Kiss members.



Veiw some genuine, never seen before Creatures Stage Drawings, Handwritten notes and corrections by Kiss members themselves.

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Behold!! The Eight wonder of the World!!

 Posters of Eric in Bionic Boogi.

His First Bass Drum Skin with the Cellarmen logo, which Eric painted himself, AUDIOS OF ALL HIS PRE-KISS BANDS.His first Guitar!!!! Pairs of Eric's Drumsticks on sale .


Self Portrait© Drawn by Eric in 1991 during his hospital stay.  

Eric Had a great sense of humor. He would constantly create funny little drawings During reharsals. we have a large display of Eric's original drawings and paintings. PLUS!!!

ROCKHEADS © Cartoons First Time Anywhere!

Hey Dudes!!! Lets go! wanna visit with the one and only Rockheads, Meet Scruffy, Gabby, Punky and all the zany Characters called the Rockheads. These are genuine full color ink originals, drawn by the Fox, for his cartoon friends the Rockheads. Rockheads were all created by Eric in 1987, and were part of his Streetgang Productions. The original Idea originates from Eric's High School days and continued to grow during his many years with KISS. This is presently the only veiwing to the public. Come on in and enjoy the ROCKHEADS. Hold on it's... gonna be a bumpy ride!! Created by Eric Carr.

Our collectables are all authentic.

We Have An Eric Carr Pre-Kiss Section, including Audios from his early days with the all Pre-Kiss bands. Also Eric's Genuine Streetgang Stationary, which he used for his ROCKHEADS Productions.


Rockheads© drawings and other all elements are all copywritten materials,

and cannot be used or reproduced in any form without permission by owners.