Genuine Airline tickets from 1982 used by and belonging to Eric Carr

  (Left) Black and White ticket. Eric Carr's name appears on top of ticket. Also all information, seat flight number, date, destination, departure and more.

(Left) Close up of above (red and white) Airline Ticket, which bares Eric's full name. His name appears twice on Ticket above.

(Far Left above:) Is the cover in which Airline
tickets are kept.



This is a rare piece of memoribillaiwere given to us by the Carr family and Come with a certificate of Autheniticty. These tickets were used by Eric Carr on May 3rd 1982 at 445 PM. to board flight 0731 at Kennedy airport in New york. Destination Los Angeles none other then to meet what the band. Eric Carr's name appears twice on Red ticket (above ) and once on black and white ticket (above right) along with other various information. These tickets are a one of a kind and were personally saved and owned by Eric Carr as a rememberance. Eric Loved saving any artical big and small which pretained to his time with the band.

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