I had the honor of Loretta Caravello asking me to write a story about how KISS and Eric Carr has touched our lives. It was a pleasure for me to do this.

First I would like to say that I had twin boys in 1992 and just about 3 months later I found out that there was something wrong with both of them. They had a lot of trouble meeting their milestones. They went from walkers to wheelchairs, talking in small sentences to not talking at all also from eating by mouth to feeding tubes, etc. Everything was just downhill very slowly and gradually over the years and doctors still don't know what's wrong. Just that it's something very rare.

We had plans to see KISS through Make-A-Wish in Philadelphia on October 12, 2009. It was both Eddie and Anthony's first wish. This included the meet & greet but unfortunately I had to cancel because Anthony was in the hospital. He was released on the very evening of the concert. Just 6 days before their birthday.

Then Make-A-Wish told me that they would hold onto this wish until

KISS comes around again. We finally did get to do the meet & greet on August 20, 2010 at PNC. It was so awesome for all of us! KISS gave Eddie & Anthony two bags full of gifts like t-shirts, tour programs, hats, bandanas, etc. My boys were thrilled!

Then in February of 2011 my son Eddie passed away tragically. Both me and Anthony were devastated.

Anthony has a speech program on his computer called Tobii. It can do so many things including him being able to talk through this program. He has a switch or clicker on the headrest of his wheelchair that gets plugged into his computer. He uses his head to operate the switch. This is what he wrote about Eric and KISS, "He was the greatest drummer and I will not stop being a KISS fan. It's in my heart and soul."

Recently Anthony has been in the hospital. I bought The Eric Carr Story and have been reading it to him. He really enjoys it. When he looks like he is drifting off to sleep I would ask him softly if he wants me to stop reading and he would always open his eyes, smile and shake his head no. So we've been learning about Eric Carr's life and really enjoying the story. It took about 5 days to finish. It's a great book and a very interesting read. Anthony told me that he loves to hear about what everyone has to say in the story. Me being a mom I know that anything KISS including Eric Carr helps him through the healing process which it did because he is home now.

I mentioned to Anthony that it was Eric Carr's birthday and he would have been 61. He shook his head yes and looked a little sad over this.

He watches KISSology. His favorite is KISSology 2. He'll watch from beginning to end and he is always saddened when the part about Eric Carr comes up. Anthony told me he always loves to see Eric Carr playing his drums.

We went to the NY/NJ KISS Expo where Anthony wanted to get the Rockheads poster and that's where he met Eric Toddorocks Carr and he signed his 8x10 photo for Anthony. Anthony was very amazed at how much he looked like Eric Carr. Anthony always smiles when he is mentioned. He wants to go to more KISS expos.

Anthony also has Rockology and really enjoys listening to it too and now he wants to start his Eric Carr collection. I purchased some items through as a surprise for Anthony and when he received his Eric Carr items which were two sets of drum sticks, 5 Rockheads pics, the 1 inch by 1 inch drum skin card and the Rockheads comic. His eyes absolutely lit up with the look of surprise on his face especially when he saw the comic. He wrote on his speech program "I love it. Thank you."