Kissology 2, Billboard Charts Award

Last week members of Kiss were presented, with an award for Kissology 2 , from VH1 Classics. This award was presented because Kissology 2, was the top selling DVD on the Billboard charts.

Although Eric Carr, is no longer with us, his family
will be awarded an award, on his behalf. Our
special thanks to: Roger Coletti, Alex Coletti ( VH1),
Ken Gullic, Fontana Distribution and the entire
Kiss family.



From Joop Van Pelt

Late KISS drummer Eric Carr is among the 10 best drummers in the world, according to some 3,500 music lovers who participated in Radio poll in order to vote for their fantasy super group - made up of any musician from any band. There are 4 categories: Best singer, Best guitarist, Best bassist and Best drummer. The four members of Led Zeppelin turned out to be the ultimate super group, as they're leading all categories. Apart from Eric Carr, there are no KISS members in any of these categories. Most musicians/bands voted for are from the UK, undoubtedly having to do with the fact that Planet Rock Radio is based n the UK. Several websites have listed the four Top 10's, including the
BBC News site.

 The Top 10 in each category is as follows:

Best drummer

10. Eric Carr (KISS)
09. Dave Grohl (Nirvana)
08. Roger Taylor (Queen)
07. Ian Paice (Deep Purple)
06. Ginger Baker (Cream)
05. Phil Collins (Genesis)
04. Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath, Rainbow)
03. Keith Moon (The Who)
02. Neil Peart (Rush)
01. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)





 MUSIC FEATURE: By John Moe, Special to MSN Music

The Seven Bands You Meet in Heaven

It's been said that if there's rock 'n' roll in heaven, they have a hell of a band.

But rock has been around for a while now and has amassed a pretty lengthy roster of casualties. Does anyone think that even in the divine perfection of the afterlife, all the dead rock stars could somehow get organized enough to play in one giant band? Does any band need that many bass players? Could any band stand that many singers? Of course not. Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison couldn't coexist in the same lineup for five minutes, let alone eternity.

So after several lengthy séance sessions with the late concert promoter Bill Graham, I can confidently announce the lineups of the seven rock bands you'll meet in heaven. Each band features vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Keyboardists sometimes drop in, but they don't tend to stick around long. They're flighty even in the afterlife. read the rest of the artical



Special edition of the hundred greatest singers, bassists, guitarists, and drummers.
For the all time top 5 deceased Bassists/Drummers the list is:
1. John Bonham
2. Cliff Burton
3. Phil Lynott
4. Keith Moon
5. Eric Carr.

Overall for the 100 drummers and bassists of all time Eric came in 36.
Which is really great considering they have bass players and drummers in the same category.