I listened to the entire Cd.. had mixed feelings about listening to it..sometimes seeing/ hearing Eric will make me cry other times smile ear to ear..he truly is a hero to e.. the cd had the perfect mix of smiles and tears.. it was GREAT hearing never before released music as well as hearing the Carr Jam studio version and live.. nice words by Mr Aucoin God rest his soul too.. Eric truly won out over dozens of other drummers.. what amazes me even further is that he chose the drummer they have last sacrifice from him.. I LOVED the cd..and I LOVE your momma's poems!!

Thanks! and God bless!



I received my copy of Unfinished Business this weekend. It sounds GREAT!! I think Eric would've been very proud. I can't believe it's almost been 20 years. I still miss him.
Thank you for putting together this great CD!


The Zo2 cover All Hell's Breaking Loose sounds really really good, not many bands manage to cover a KISS song correctly and they sure nailed it.

But if I have to choose for singles, I think Eyes Of Love, Elephant Man and Shandi are good single material, its only a pity that the Eric/Bill Aucoin sound bits are a bit short, expected them to be a bit longer, especially the last one, at the rehearsals.

Btw, have you thought about a Deluxe edition? I'm a big video gamer and in the gaming industry its getting allot more common to have beside the normal version, stuff like a Deluxe or Special edition. How about Unfinished Business printed on a vinyl LP(vinyl is back, both Ace and KISS have done it for their latest album, I have Ace's), with a special Unfinished Business drumstick and


Oorspronkelijk bericht-
October 11, 2011 2:38 AM


Just listened to Unfinished Business. Great job. Loved the pieces with Eric talking and the songs are great.
Direct message sent by phillip dixon (@phlipitt) to you (@EricCarr_TheFox) on Oct 11, 6:08 AM.


phillip dixon


FROM DAN BACH rom the UK. ;-) :-)

Just a quick 'thanks' - the 'Unfinished Business' cd arrived this morning. First play through whilst typing this email :-)
First thoughts - awesome to hear Paulie's voice. This defo 'adds value' to the coll'n. Shandi - is very emotional.

Take care, Dan 'bach' from the UK. ;-) :-)



What a special gift we all have been given to have and listen too ! Unfinished Business is more of the best of Eric, From the Beggining he talks to his fans,  to "Just Cant Wait", which the instrumental  is on Rockology but its even better listening to this new version. Zo2's  version of All Hells Breakin Loose rocks! The slow beat version he does of Shandi is awesome! Elephant man( an awesong rock ballad), Eyes of Love, Midnight Stranger, it just goes on and the 1967 song, " I Cry at Night" to me has that Beatles sound and rocks! Listening to him talk about his audition with Kiss is a treat! Thank you to everyone involved! I Absolutely love it! And like what was said on the inside of the cd, Gotta say thank you as well to Gene and Paul for Giving him his Opportunity! Eric's music will always live on .

John Wicker
Missouri Kiss army


On Oct 12, 2011, at 8:54 PM, Christopher W. Drew wrote:
Eric Carr's Unfinished Business delivers the goods and packs a solid punch! The front cover is a classic photo of Eric Carr at the drums as the much adored Fox from KISS. Several other pictures of Eric, both makeup and non, are found throughout the trifold case. The CD starts with a greeting by Eric Carr himself, a very nice intro to the music that awaits. In fact, there are several more brief interview tracks from Eric throughout the CD that enhance the listening experience including one interview track from former KISS manager Bill Aucoin. The first musical track, Just Can't Wait, is taken from the Rockology compilation but this time with full lyrics written and sung by Ted Poley. Hearing this song with lyrics for the first time is mind blowing, a real treat for all of Eric's fans! A catchy 80's demo called Troubles Inside You, features Mitch Weissman on lead vocals while Eric provides drums, guitars and backing vocals. No One's Messin' With You is next, a demo precursor to Little Caesar but with completely different lyrics. Shandi, a classic KISS track, is included from Eric's recently discovered KISS audition tape with Eric on lead vocals and has been remastered with a guitar arrangement that gives it a fresh classical sound. Two tracks that Eric Carr fans will certainly appreciate are the highly anticipated debuts of Dial L For Love, one of Eric's last performed demos but with no lyrics; and Elephant Man, possibly the last set of lyrics Eric wrote. Music was recently composed for the Elephant Man lyrics, and this incredible song was recorded with Bob Gilmartin on lead vocals. Midnite Stranger is a demo Eric gave to former KISS member Mark St. John many years ago on cassette. Sadly, Mark passed away before he could finish his updated guitar tracks for the song on this CD. Another demo favorite from Rockology, Eyes of Love, reappears as a remastered track using Eric's original recording as the base. A track titled Through The Years pays homage to Eric's drumming talent, from a 17-year-old Paul Caravello practicing his drums at home to his dynamic on-stage performances as KISS drummer Eric Carr. Two tracks on the CD, Carr Jam 1981 and All Hell's Breakin' Loose, are powerfully performed by drummer Joey Cassata, singer Paulie Z and other members of the rock band Z02. As a bonus, a 1967 Cellermen track is included called I Cry At Night featuring a 16-year-old Paul Caravello on vocals. With obvious heavy influences from the Beatles, this song is definitely a closet classic gem from Eric. 
Unfinished Business is a truly fitting salute to the memory of Eric Carr, a very talented musician and song writer, on this 20th anniversary year of his untimely passing. It's a must-have for any Eric Carr fan. It will entertain you, it will rock you, and it is certain to leave you with a smile each time you listen to it.
Chris Drew
Cincinnati, OH



I just got my copy of the Eric Carr Story and wanted to let you know that it deeply touched my heart. 
I grew up with Eric beeing KISS' drummer. I saw KISS first, when I was 10 years old back in Frankfurt at the european tour in 1980. So looking back I was glad to see one of Eric's first concerts ever. 31 years later im still deep into KISS thanks for this great night. I remember later when I was a teenager at helloween I put on the fox makeup and nobody was able to recognize me. When I told them they were just like "who the heck is the Eric the fox?". And I was like "man, he's the drummer of the greatest rock band ever!".  



Derik Fagone 

South Huntington, NY  11746

I love the Cd.. My favorite songs are eyes of love, No one's messin' with you & shandi. I love Eric's vocals and the drum solos! It's great to hear the demos & interview clips. Thanks again!

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