When the Kiss Koffeehouse heard was in town, theyinvited us to hang out with them. Little did they know, we wouldshow up every day!


Alexis & Ashley, the littlest of workers,who are also my daughters, and two huge five year old Kiss fans,came along for the 4 day trip.

Rounding the corner of the Broadway at the Beach, they immediatelynoticed Gene Simmons' larger than life boot. They ran aroundto the front of the store, and went inside. To their delight,the whole store was loaded with Kiss stuff!
After meeting with the staff, we were given a tour of the shop. It was beyond words! As you can see in the picture, there wasKiss memorabilia everywhere. Not only the makeup era either! There was memorabilia from just about every member that was inKiss. That was a real delight to, especially theautographed Lick It Up album. To add the Kiss memorabilia, Ericcarr.compresented the Kiss Koffeehouse with an authentic Eric Carr checkmade out to the Kiss Company that will be hung on the wall. Soall of you Eric Carr fans, who visit the Kiss Koffeehouse, makesure you ask to see the Eric Carr check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis was impressed with the screen near the ceiling playinga Kiss video, with her favorite, Paul Stanley, wearing a top hat!
Ashley's Kiss Coffeehouse favorite, was the Creatures of the Nightmural on the wall. She stood next to her favorite drummer, EricCarr, and demanded that I take her picture. It didn't matterto her that it was in the bathroom.

After the third straight day visiting the Kiss Coffeehouse,we decided to take some memorabilia back to NJ with us: 2 Kissbanks, 7 postcards, 4 shirts, 2 guitar shaped Paul Stanley bottleopeners, some Kiss Army Blend Coffee, 2 magnets, 3 pins, and abrownie for mommy, (which didn't last until the plane ride thatlate afternoon)
The staff at the Kiss Coffeehouse, especially Debbie, were sohelpful, polite, and friendly. They went out of their way forus each and every day we stopped by.
We look forward to returning to the Kiss Koffeehouse in June,for the 2nd Anniversary Expo, and hopefully seeing some moreof Eric Carr memorabilia as well!
Keep Rockin!
We miss you Eric!

Best Wishes,

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