Check out the foxes College application and College,exam in 1969

  Not only was Paul Caravello a talented musician and artist, he was also a pretty smart guy. This is an authentic application and part of a 3 page hand written exam book, which Paul had to take in order for him to be accepted into college. How would you like to get a 96 on your algebra test?
Well the fox did. Paul went to college for a few years, but left to pursue his first love, music.
Before applying to Kingsbourgh college, Paul was accepted in Princeton University, but due to lack of funds, all around, it would be unaffordable. Paul, did go back and forth with thoughts of going back to college in 1973, but that was soon over when he got into Salt and Pepper. Like so many others, there are those, who, just want to Rock and Roll. Lucky for us, they decided to stick with it.
There are many other Eric Carr school items you can view, including, actual photographs shot by Paul for H.S. projects from High School of Art & Design. If you would like to see more of Eric's artwork and stories feel free to

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