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Hey there....Eric will be ever in my heart.....two days ago i listen to LITTLE CEASAR. His music will live on forever.
Greetings from the cold germany.


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"happy thanksgiving ... prayers and thoughts are with u all. eric was the best and lives on in many hearts. he is missed and always will be . especially by me. hugs from pa .."


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"thanks for the add long live eric carr"


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"Thanks for the add! Eric was undoubtedly one of the greatest drummers & talented musicians to ever walk the face of this planet, and he is missed... but never forgotten!"


Pat's Comment:


Sixteen years is a long time. But you left us your legacy. For that I'll always be grateful. Say hi to Elvis! See ya soon, enough, my friend. I'll see ya soon enough.



Albert Carr (Soul Within Drummer)'s Comment:

"the world lose you on a day like today, but you'll always be remembered. regards to the family from Spain."


Cammy's Comment:

"Just wanted to give tribute to an incredible and the most real person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Eric you are truly missed and in my heart "Forever"..."


You are sorely missed Eric, as You touched Millions Of Kiss fans and music fans all over the world. You will always have a special place in the hearts of millions and We all thank you for what you did when you were here with us. We Missed you then and We miss you now. R.I.P. my brother as we will all meet again someday. You will never be forgotten. You will always have a place in our hearts "FOREVER"

Mary's Comment:

"Thank you very much for the add.
Eric is my hero...He's a great man...I love him very much. And he'll never be forgotten."

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"Its the 16th annivesary of Erics passing, and i still cant get over what a huge waste that was. He was the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet, and one of the most talented musicians. Eric i love and miss you as much as ever. RIP. Best wishes to the Caravello family on this difficult day."


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nancy's Comment:

Caravello family.i'm gonna listenig to his music today more than usual and i'l light some candles on his memory.i sent a message to all Eric's fans on EricCarrheaven site to light candles to keep his music and memory alive and of course praying for him.he's deeply missed you know that but today it's more than deeply.i just can't describe it.with all my respect and admiration to you mr and mrs Caravello,Loretta,Sissy,his niece Sarah you all. big hugs and kisses to you all.R.I.P Eric"

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"Thinking of you and your family on this day. Your legend lives on!"

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"You will be remembered always!!"


Jamie's Comment:

"Thinking about you are missed!!"

Stuart's Comment:

"16 years later........I still think about you, and am still inspired by you!!!!"


Art and Design Alumni's Comment:

"To the Caravello Family ~

Our thoughts and prayers are with you on this day. Eric will always be remembered. And will always remain with us.

Much Love,
Yvonne and the A&D Alumni Association"

"today 24 is a special day, eric i..ll never forget you, the better drummer for me ever and a great human/person
kicking ass in heaven, erci is a idol/heroe for me"

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"RIP Eric
we all still mis him..."








Alexandra's Comment:

"Keep Eric's memory alive forever.

John Car's Comment:

"I remember always my idol!!!!! I don't forget. From Italy John Car"

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"This Day,16 years ago you leave us from the earth!I am unlucky that i never see you!So God be with you!

Stef's Comment:

"God bless you, Eric!










I wanted to let you know how much i miss eric as well, i wontbe here the end of the week to leave a comment but to know Howmuch he is missed, he was the heart and soul of kiss when he wasthere. John


I was wondering, would it be alright if I made a Eric Carrshirt from one of the pictures in your picture section, and wearit in Eric's memory? please let me know.


Michael's Comment:

u r the best drummer ever!!!!!
all ur fans miss u so much
R.I.P eric carr(the fox)"


Eric Carr was my first crush. I was 8 year old when I was himon Mtv back on 1983. When he pass away on Nov. 24,1991, and Iwas at High School. Then I got home and I turn on the Tv. I sawthe news that Eric Carr passes away at the age 41 year old. Ihard so hard, and I lock up and never got go of my room. I beganto hear my tape of Kiss, and Eric Carr. Then I celebrity his birthdayon July 12,1950, and Even I celebrity annverary Nov. 24,1991.I still love Eric Carr. I'm a big fan. Thank you for Eric Carr.


NICK's Comment:

"I met Eric once in 89 or 90 at a local NY rock club.I approached him, introduced myself, and told him what an influencehe'd had on my playing as a drummer..He proceeded to buy me abeer, and *talk shop* for a bit.. I walked away from that withthe same vibe that I think most other people who knew or met himhad: Just a very real, genuine, nice guy. Very humble and gladto be hangin' with his fans!
Rest in peace my friend..


Paula's Comment:

"Eric and his family are in my thoughts and prayers withthe coming day. RIP Eric You are soo very missed"


Massimo Cappelli's Comment:

"Eric will always live inside all of us, the man, thedrummer! Long live rock and roll, long live Eric Carr!


Eric will always live in our hearts, in our minds and in ourhears with his drum, his music, his style of life. Long live R.'n R., long live Eric Carr!


*Evie Stevie*'s Comment:

"Just been thinking about Eric tonight, this seemed likea good place to come.
Miss him so much for so many reasons."


R.I.P Eric Carr (the best drummer in history)
i wish u were here, ur ny fav drummer in history( u stll r myfav drummer)
R.I.P Eric Carr...


Dear Sir or Madame

I am a presenter of a student radio station in the UK called'SIN Radio' in Southampton. I have been a fan of KISS for manyyears, and an even bigger fan of Eric.
When I saw videos of his drum solos from the late 80's, it inspiredme to pick up some drumsticks and learn the drums.

With the anniversary of his death approaching, I was wonderingif it would be possible to have a short email interview aboutEric.

I know this is a tough time for you all, and my thoughts arewith you.


Mark Gale


most definately the savior of KISS
Eric carr is my idol



e-mails from the fans. October2007


I attended the High School of Art & Design from 1990-93. Iwashangingout with a few of my friends at a Famiglia's Pizzawhichwas directlyacross the street from the school and one ofmy friendsturned aroundand asked, "Hey, guys look! Is thatEric Carr?"Afterdebating for a few seconds, she just wentover and askedhim andindeed it was Eric! He told us he was inthe neighborhoodvisitngthe school and took the time to speakwith us. He askedjust asmany questions of us; if we played music,what kind ofart we wereeach pursuing, etc as we did of him aboutKISS, histime at A&Dand his personal plans for the future.He was greatand he alsosigned a few autographs for us beforesaying goodbye.

It was the late Spring Semester of '91 and none of us expectedwhatwouldfollow that November. His autograph is in a safe placeandeachtime I find myself in the area (the Famiglia Pizza becameaMcDonald'sthat has now closed and is being renovated into anewhealth foodeatery of all things!) I always remember the daywemet him.

I am also sending a friend request with this message and I hopeyouwillaccept it. I would appreciate the add on and thanks forallowingmethe opportuntiy to share my personal memory of him.

Many thanks,
Dionisios Kavvadias
The High School of Art & Design, New York, NY
Computer Art/Class of 1993



hello thank you so much for adding GWR To your friends listR.I.P.ERICIS a hero to me and his spirit will last 4 ever inmy mind..........DJ_Jokerownerof"



Gary Skipper's Comment:

"Thanks for the add.Great tribute to a legend."





Pedro - Battle Cry's Comment:


I'm a big fan from Argentina. Thanx a lot 4 the adding. wemissErica lot!!"



I first saw Eric in concert my freshman year of high school.ItwasMarch 11, 1985 in Bismarck, ND. Though I had always wantedtoplayguitar or bass, drummers fascinate me. Eric looked likeaman possessedas he pounded away. Gene Simmons has often beencalledGod of Thunder,but I think that should have been Eric'stitle.Three years later,I saw him for the second and last time.I amthe proud owner ofthe ROCKOLOGY album. I think Eric's contributionswerehighly undervalued.That album is, in my opinion, what hardrockcould have soundedlike in the late 80's. It is clear andmelodic,while still maintaininga hard edge. Too much of whatpassed forhard rock at that timewas pop music played by guyswith makeupand big amplifiers. Bythat definition, Duran Durancould have"gone metal" witha Marshall stack.

Though I stopped listening to Kiss, and most hard rock in general,aboutadecade ago, I still have to play ROCKOLOGY in the car.Perhapsit'sa nostalgia for what could have been in music.

I want to thank you for keeping Eric's legacy alive online.

Peace and blessings,
Jim Scheet
Maple Falls, Washington


I just listened to "Rockology" for the millionth timeandnevertire of it, that is some of the most heartfelt musicI haveeverheard.
You might like to know I have the same hair Eric had, and I willNEVERcutit off!! I do pull it back sometimes but I have thesame curlydarkhair and have had it since I was a teen.
I've been a KISS fan since I was 3 (1973) and Eric was the bestthingtohappen to them.
Guess I just wanted to say, I am a true fan, and I miss him everyday....
God Bless,

You will always be in the hearts of all the Die Hard Kiss Fansaroundtheworld. You truely were (And still is)the GREATEST DrummerintheKisstory and the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.


From Rino in Denmark


KathyRockett's Comment:

"I'm thinkin' about you, Eric.

I miss you... Like the desert miss the rain :(."


I hope You and the 'Family' are well...

I just want to say a BIG thankyou for putting 'Drumfest' in yourtopfriendslist - Its a GREAT honour.

All the very best,

Ash & Drumfest.


Thank you for accepting me into your family. I can only say Iamhonored,and I am a true Rockhead!
Thank You,


I'm Honored to be here...Erik, A Mile High


Darren's Comment:

"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation to Eric Carrandhisfamily. Eric was one of the biggest influences in my formativeyearsandhe remains one of my favorite drummers of all time!I'm notsurethat everyone fully understood how good he reallywas. Ifhe didn'tsee him live, you were missing out on some greatplaying.Althoughhe's gone, his heart (in part!) remains in myplaying..."


Christie's Comment:

"Thanks for the add! Eric is very much missed and will neverbeforgotten!"


Ross Kantor's Comment:

"Thanks for this page, and the inspiration!




eric carr italian fanclub's Comment:



Rober's Comment:

"Thanxxxs 4 the add!!!
We'll never forget you Eric "The fox"
Greetings from Spain!!!"



Spacebear's Comment:

thank you very much for the add!! I've had the pleasure of seeingErictwice:1984 in Hanover/Germany and in 1988 in Schweinfurt/Germany(MOR).Hewas absolutely brilliant and I will never forget him!!!
Keep up the great work and take care!
Greetings from Hamburg/Germany,


nils's Comment:

"Who ever run this page, thanks for the add!!!
All I try to do is walking in Eric s footsteps. "I love itloud"wasthe beat and the reason why I wanted to becomea drummer. ThanksEricI picked up the sticks and now I am ableto make my livingwithkicking beats.

Thanks Eric, you are my hero...

Keep a beer waiting for me, I will follow you, sooner or later!!!



"thanks for the add, and for to be one of the best drummersofthehistory. Regards"


Email and AIM finally together. You've gotta check out free AOLMail!


Abel's Comment:

"I couldnt sleep knowing that I am in deed a friend nowinEric'sofficialmy space
And I have to say that this is absolutely Not a comercial butthenewkissologyvideo really kicked my ass it showed the EricI neverknewthe EricI never got to hear jam live and it showedme anopen soulguy, Ilaughed so hard and almost felt like cryingwenthey showedthe clipthat Eric recored himself at the hospitalafterhis openhear surgeryHe sure as hell had a great senceof humorhe was funnyand lovedlife, too bad life left him behindand heis no longerwith us
yet this video made him so alive I was touched & it felf asifhewasnever gone for a few minutes untill it stoped and hellowelcomebacktoreality,
No Im not stoned or hi I dont need that crap. Rock is my onlylegalhiIneed
Eric May God Hold your soul in eternal peace."


Its often hard to believe that stuff happens to great people,LikeEric,whilechild molesters and murders will more than likleylive inprisonhigh on the hog and get old and die there. I stillcantbelievehe is gone from this world anyway. He was a majorin fluenceonme when i was young,i am 40 now, and still hiremyselfout asa workingroad drummer.I am sure you were so proudof him,andthedrum communitystill carries Eric Carr whereverwe may go,God blessyou guys forputting him on here.All the Best..Jon Hall..


Conquest / ShockValue's Comment:

"Thanks for the add. I am honored. Although Eric wasn'tanoriginalmemberof KISS, he truly embodied the spirit of theband.Thankyou to hisfamily for keeping his legacy and memoryaliveso thatfuture generationscan know of this great man."


Glad to be a part on Eric's page....I am a HUGE fan. I usedtoworkatSears in Middletown NY with Eric's mother...great bunchofpeople....godbless!!!

Eric M.

Thank you so much for the add! The new Kissology is wonderfulbecauseitfilleda much needed void for me... I was lacking inEric'sdrummingforfar too long! And the dvd's prove just howmuch betterKisssoundedwith him laying down the beat.

Eric was always my favorite Kiss member and will always remainmyfavoritedrummer.Great site and great dedication to one ofrockand roll'sgreatestheroes! I know he's watching over thismyspacepage andhas to beloving what he sees!

Take care guys and have a good one!


great drummers come with great fans~he wont ever be forgotton!


eric was cool as hell,got to meet him 1 night at the ritz foranacefrehleyshow..
here is how it went down,everyone started runnin to the main entrance,somenma friends started walking over there too ,when cominthroughthecrowd,allwe saw was hair ,well up walks to me thismountainofhair wrapshis arm round my shoulders n says walkto the bar(yeahitwas eric).some n my friends surrounded himn kinda kept everyoneelseat bay.wentto the bar,he got us drinks,signed some stufffor us,thensec camen took em backstage..sofor a brief momentin time me nmy friendsgot to be bodygaurdsfor eric..
he was cool as hell (wouldnt let us buy him drinks ,he boughtemforus,)signed all our tix stubbs n whatever else we couldfindforhim to sign.still have both autographs framed with anericcarrkissfanconvention poster from a show done in jersey (anotherfunnystory)was going to my neices wedding n in the lobby ofthe hoteltheywere having a kiss fest (not the richie ranno kissexpo,(anothergoodfriend)).gordon gg gebert was the main specialguest n gordonhassince become a very good friend of mine.
so thats where the flyer came from to go with the tix stub n pieceofpapereric signed for me (they all framed along with an ericcarrkisscard).
so thanks for keeping us all up to date on a great drummer n person..
may god rest his soul.
peace n metal daze..


Eric Carr Tribute from Todd

Hello I am Toddorocks and I am in a Kiss tribute right now called Creatures of the night.
I play Eric Carr. I have always wanted to live this dream out of keeping Erc's memory alive for all his fans to enjoy. Now I have the chance to do so with this band. It was because of Eric I got into music let alone drumming behind a big double bass drumkit. I wanted to let you all know that Eric meant and still means the world to me and I will keep his memory going for as long as time allows. These were takin at an appereance I did in Vidalia Louisiana. Thank you for your time.... Todd

JULY 17th 2007--Fans sharetheirthoughts

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

I'm 21 and grew up on KISS my whole life. I was a huge fanbackinmiddleschoolandknew everything about every member.I knowtheresmoreto EricthanKISS, but I always enjoyed his80's albums,andwhenI read abouthisattitude and personality,all the thingsabouthim,he becamea heroto me at a young age.I'm sure youget tonsof emailsand you'reprobablytoo busy toread a longmessage. Ijust wantyou to knowas a fan Ifelt KISSwas neverthe same afterhe passedon, and thathis spiritliveson. I readhow he actedand got hisjob for KISS,and it changedmylife.A year or so agoI wanted todo artwork formy vocalhero Tim"RIPPER"Owensfrom JudasPriest. He wasworkingon a soloalbum. I'm anartistwho failedat art school, butknewI had the talent.EricCarr wentinto KISS'jam space with thefaithand fortitude I'msureyou guysnever forgotback in theearly 80's.His humble approachandstrongrelentlessoffer blewthat studio apart.In Gene's booktheysaidhe was a "sweetheart."Ifollowedin his footstepswhenIstarted pitching art ideasto Ripper.Andyou know what,I gotthejob. You'll see the albumcover forBeyondFear on anyrecordshelf.The night Ripper wroteme back andlikedmy stuffI almostcried. Isaw a shooting starthat night throughmyuncle'sbig window.Not tryingto soundsilly, but miracles arereal.Itsucks to seehow KISS haschangedover the past couple ofyears,Ithink to myself"Ericwouldn'thave let this happen."I'mnottrying topeddle waresoranything, but I'll do anythingforThe Fox,youguys look at myportfoliohttp://jerostmayhem.deviantart.comandifyoulike itthen it wouldbe cool. At least see what theFoxinspiredmetoaccomplish. You guyshave to be an awesome lovingfamilytohavehada guy like him around.Thanks for reading this.

God Bless




I just wanted to write and say hi and to say how much yourbrotherwillalwaysbeloved.I'll be thinking of you, his family,especiallythisweek.
I made this picture in remembrance of Eric's birthday..
hope its ok..take care, Lisa


To the Caravello family,

Hi my name is Bob, I've been a KISS fan for about 28 years now.I'llbeseeingBruceKulickwith Grand Funk and KISS in two weeksatRockFestinCadott,Wisconsin.

For as many concerts that I've seen no drum solo is as rememberableasEric'sAsylumtourone.I remember standing there listeningtothe electronicdrumsmixedinfor the very first time. It reallyblowme away.He willalwaysa specialplace in my heart. I'mso gladhe was inKISS.

Well I just got my "myspace" going in the last coupleofweeksandaddedalink to your web page. I don't know if Ineededpermissiontodoso,so I'm writing you to make sure it'sfine.I was veryhappytoseeEric had one too.

Also could I add you to my friends list?

Hope to hear from you.


Bob Culbert


eric carr was the best him and phil rudd of ac/dc are ma 2 favdrummersofalltimeigrew up with eric and kiss i loved watchingthemplayandboughtalltheir cd's when they come out kiss isma alltimefavband . Icatchalot of flack from ma friends saynto medangjayyour livingin the80's with them and all the other80'smetalbandsi just tellem itnever ever gets old it willalwaysbe goodno matterwhat theysayi will never stop listeningtothem at allAnywaysjust a fewlineslettin ya know how i feeliwas a hugefan of eric'sand i willalwaysbe a fan cause hismusicwill neverdie I knowhes gone buthe willnever be forgottonyourstruly atrue carr fanJay :) akatriple jay


I was wondering if Eric's family has a copy of the Lightningalbumfrom1979?ThereasonI ask, is because I have 2 of them.Ericis stillmy favoriteKISSmember.I wish they(Gene &Paul)would havelet him do moresingingthanLittle Caesar &theremake of Beth.Eric was sotalented,it wassuch a wastefor themnot to use himmore. I nevergot to meetEric,but Idid get tosee him on theHot In The Sahdetour in Atlanta.It'shardto believehe's beengone almost 16 years.Thank You forkeepinghismemoryalive. Ilove the Rockolgy CD &I've heardrumors ofa 2nddisc.





Thank you for the honor of being a friend on Erics page! I readalotaboutEricwhilehewas going through treatment and followedhissituationuntilafterhisdeath. He was a trooper and a verystrongpersonto theend. Beingadrummer I have alot of respectfor hisaccomplishments,talent,andwillto live. I rememberreading onearticle about himand hewastalkingabout playingthe drums toBeatles tunes forrehab andtryingto keephis chopsup. I justremember thinking,wow, he'sa Beatlesfan, soam I.He is greatlymissed and I cantell you firsthand thathe hasbeenan inspriationto me and aworld full of drummers!Thanksforsharingthe pageand god bless!

Much luv,



I wrote a Birthday Letter to Eric and I am proud to say thatitwaspostedforallto see in the Letters section of KISS ONLINE.



Check out Carolyn's,EricCarrTributeRoom




Although I never had the opportunitytomeetEricinperson,I'vebeen one
of his biggest fans since 1983 (when I was only 9 years old).Whenpeople
ask who my favorite band is, I'm sometimes tempted to give theshortest
answer possible which would, of course, be KISS. The way I seeit,this
really isn't true though. I'm an Eric Carr fan first and a KISSfan
second. He was the reason I became a KISS fan and has remainedthesole
reason why I'm still a fan to this day. Even at such a young age,Isaw
something special in Eric. I'm not even sure what it was althoughIsuspect
it was a combination of things that I've yet to find in anyoneelse,famous
or otherwise.

"Believe in yourself and believeinyourdreamsandthere'snothingyou
can't do." That was the one message Eric always tried topassalongtohis
fans. He was living proof that if you work hard enough, believeinyourself,
believe in your talents and believe in your dreams, they CAN cometrueno
matter how long and hard the road sometimes seems. I'm happy tosaythatI'm
also living proof of this message. Ever since I was a sophomoreinhigh
school, I knew I wanted my career to be in radio. For as longasIcan
remember everyone (including my parents who are normally verysupportive),
told me that I was making a mistake and that I would never beabletoget
very far in such a competitive field. To make a long story short,forthe
last eight years I've been the Production Assistant and Producerforamajor
market Oldies radio station in the South Florida (Majic 102.7FM).In
addition to the success I've already seen in my career, I wasalsogiventhe
opportunity to create and host a highly successful All Request80'sHard
Rock/Metal show called "Amplified" at an independentSouthFloridaradio
station (WKPX 88.5 FM) for six years. Since I truly believe thatnoneof
this would have been possible without Eric's influence, I've madesureto
keep his music and memory alive in the hearts of every listenerthat'stuned
in. Especially every July 12th and November 24th, when special
segments featuring not only his work with KISS but also his solo
recordings (including the music from his Saturday morning cartoon
creation, "The Rockheads") are played on the air anddedicatedtohis

I've always promised myself that onedayIwouldfindmywayto Cedar Hill
Cemetery to visit Eric. While we were in New York City for WrestlemaniaXX,
I was finally given that opportunity. Although it was a day fullofmixed
emotions (I still can't believe he's been gone 12 years!), itwasalsoone
of the best days of my life because I finally had the chance topay
my respect to the man who made such a gigantic impact in my life.Asan
added bonus, I also had the chance meet his parents! They weresuchnice
people it's no wonder Eric turned out to be such a wonderful man.Whatmade
this trip even more special was that it took place just two weeksbeforemy
30th birthday. It was the best birthday present I could've everaskedfor!

God bless you always, Eric and thankyou..foryourinspiration,your
talent, your sense of humor, and the love you had for all of yourfans
everywhere. You will always be loved and missed, Little Caesar!

Beth next to Eric's Resting place (left)

Beth with Eric's folks (top)





The first and only timeImetEricCarrandBruceKulick was in San
Francisco during a backstage meet and greet during the Crazy Nights
tour. I was young (22, I think) and dumb at the time, and convinced
myself to call Glickman/Marks' management company and ask forasetof
backstage passes. The guy on the other end of the phone, Dorian,was
very cool and non-dismissive; after a short "I'm a fan andIloveKISS"
conversation, he surprised me by asking, "well, how manyd'youneed?"
was floored. I asked if I could get three (one each for my ex-fiancee
Patty, my friend Scott and myself); he said "I can only getyoutwo,is
that okay?" So I settled for two. Dorian told me to go tothe
will-call window before the show and bring my ID, and to callhimat
that number if there were any problems. My ex was just as excitedabout
it when I told her.
When we got in line at the will-call, we took turns alternatelycalming
each other down and getting really excited. We had a small argument
with the will-call agent, who insisted there was only ONE pass.I
looked him in the eye, saying, "I specifically requestedtwopasses;if
you don't believe me, call Dorian at GM at this number and letHIMknow
that you're giving us a hard time, okay?" We got both passes,Ithanked
him, and we left to go inside.We spoke to the backstage attendantforafew
minutes; she was very cool
and relaxed. She advised us that our passes were only good forbefore
the show, so we'd better hurry. We thanked her and went in thedoor.
Inside, there were a few tables and chairs and a huge curtainonone
wall (which was the stage).

I should probably tell you that, theprevioussummer,Ihadgonetoa
local county fair and bought a silly hat. This hat had a fakemoose
head on the front, with blue eyes, and the nose stuck almost alltheway
over the visor; in addition, for the show, I'd gathered all ofmyKISS
buttons that I'd collected since 1983 (my first show) and stuckallof
the buttons on the moose's antlers. I wore this to the show, justto
make everybody laugh.

Bruce came out first. We introduced ourselvesandwelcomedhimtoSan
Francisco, and he sat down for a while and talked to us; we werevery
grateful and felt comfortable. I then asked, "where's therestofthe
legend?", and he said "well-- there's Eric," andpointedbehindus.
"Paul and Gene are, um, kinda busy."

Eric took one look at us and busted agutlaughingatme;thefirst
thing he said was, "WHAT THE F*** IS THAT!?" I couldn'tresistmaking
him laugh more, so I asked, "Haven't you seen a Merry KISSMoose
before?" He laughed so hard he almost cried... then afterweall
settled down, my ex brought out her latest KISS scrapbook (atthistime,
we each averaged about 4 books, although I think she'd been collectinga
little longer than I had). There were a few things that surprisedthem
("where'd you find that Dutch thing?" "Oh, ourfriendBernieBallash
sent it to us" "you know Bernie? She's so cool!""Yeah--she'llbe
coming backstage at the show tomorrow in LA"), and they evensignedmy
ex's book (we didn't have a camera, or we would've asked to takesome
pix with them).

One of the last things I did was slightlyembarrassmyselfbyadmitting
to Eric that I had written a petition back in 1980 to get PeterCriss
back in the band. He got a little quiet then and said "that'sokay"but
I could tell that he was a bit pissed, and I didn't blame him.

The roadies called them back, saying"Guys--it'scomingupon
showtime!", so we thanked everybody for the chance to meetthem,shook
hands, and left.

On our way out, one roadie-- a guy whoIrememberlookedsomethinglike
Eric Singer, but with poofier hair-- asked us if we wanted anything.We
said "sure! Like what?" and he said "Hold out yourhandsandcloseyour
eyes." When we reopened them and looked, there were two whiteEricCarr
drumsticks and twelve(!) Gene picks, which we later divided upbetween
us (for a while after that, I walked around with the drumstickstuckin
the belt loops in the front of my jeans-- don't ask me why).
When we got back out, they were already about halfway throughthefirst
verse of Love Gun (first song), and we got to the FRONT row (itwas
general admission, so everybody was standing up anyway, but itwas
great). The only problem through the whole show was that therewasno
Black Diamond (my favorite current showpiece at the time). Thewhole
show was very short-- about 90 minutes.


That's my story, and I'm stickin' toit.Hopeyouenjoyedit.

Henrik Harbin


 A fan's special moments with Eric Carr

It was February 26,1984 I was ready fortheKissconcert.Ihadmycamera and a buddy and I headed tothe HamptonColiseuminVirginia.Theshowwas great! Eric wasin top form.After theshowwe stoppedbythe loungeat the SheratonHotel,where I knewKisshad stayedmanytimes before.Upon enteringIknew they weretherebecause VinnieVincentwas alreadyat thebarwith anotherfriend.I sat at the barand ordereda beer.Abouttenminutes wentby whenI saw this guywith huge haircominginthe door.It wasEric Carr!!!I couldn'tbelieve it whenhecameand sat in theseatright besideme at thebar!!!! My mindwasthinkingall kinds ofstufflike whatshould Isay withoutmakinga fool ofmyself. Heordered apena collide.Iturned tohim andtold him thatthe showwas great.He said"ohyouwereat theshow tonight"?Wellthat starteda conversationthatlastedanhour and a half!! Hewasthe coolest dudeI'veever met.I gothimto sign a napkin,he put"To Scott KeepRockin'in'84And autographedit. Hedrank fivepena collidesand ate threebasketsofpretzels.I hadto ask him whatkindof cologne he waswearing....Channel#5hetoldme. Anyway I hadonepicture left onmy camera and askedifhemindedmy buddytaking apicture of us.He said "sureman".WellIgotit and I cherishit. Wetalked about so muchmore. Hetold mehehada girlfriend inNewYork and he was faithfulto her.BecauseIaskedhim where GeneandPaul were and he said"takingcareofbusinessupstairs".That'swhen I askedhim why hewasn'tdoingthe same,and ho toldme abouthis girlfriend.I"madrummeralso so we talkeda longtime aboutdrums. Anywaythememoryis great.Eric Carr was themostdown to earthdudeyoucould everwant to meet.I'm including acoupleof photosfromthatnight onFeb. 26,1984.
ERIC CARR Lives on!!!!!!!

Scott Ambrose

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