What is your name or your Facebook name?  John Beckett

2) How old are you 43 years young

3) Where are you from?  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

4) What is your favorite Eric Carr era KISS album & song? 

My favorite Eric Carr era album if I were forced to pick only one would
have to be  'Creatures of the Night' for the heavy drums. As for a
favorite song from the era, that's a tougher decision. I'd narrow it
down to a tie between 'Thrills in the Night' from 'Animalize' and
'Fits Like A Glove' from ' Lick It Up'. But I do like his versions of
'Blk Diamond' and 'Beth' as well.

  5) Did you get to see Eric play live? If so where and when?

    I did get to see Eric play live...twice: The first being on March 3rd
1985 on the Animalize tour in Calgary at The Saddledome. The second was
on March 8th on the 'Crazy Nights' tour in Edmonton Alberta at
Northlands Coliseum.

  6) Did you ever meet Eric?

Unfortunately I never did get the chance to meet him. Although I did run all over West Edmonton Mall in '88 looking for Eric and Paul as I heard they were inside buying shoes. I never did find them.

  7) If you could ask Eric one question what would it be? 

Other than..."can I ask you a few more questions?" It would have to be
....." Are there any older obscure KISS songs you would've liked to
have played live?"  I think he would've done a killer  'Nothin' To
Note from John: I have been a KISS fan since I was 8 years old in 1976. In the
beginning I was an Ace fan, then Gene and Peter and finally Paul. It
stayed that way for quite a while. I became a fan of Eric Carr from
the beginning. From his look and power drumming to the way he handled
himself. I like many others enjoy putting on the makeup and costume of
'The Fox' and keeping his memory alive. I noticed there were a lot of
people dressing like the original four band members but that there
wasn't that many dressing like Eric, which I thought was a shame.
When dressed like Eric I am recognized as a member of KISS, but some
people are often unaware of who Eric Carr was or what his role in
KISStory is. I take great pride in letting them know just who he was
and what he meant to KISS and their fans. It's a pleasure dressing
like Eric and keeping his memory alive. Wherever you are Eric....