Nils Berger - RenownedDrummer: Thoughts on Eric Carr...
Eric who made me happy,alwayswhenIdidn´t know how to move on, I was listeningto
"I love it loud" again and got new energy. I met a coupleofrockstarsin my life and they are nothing special for me,butsomeonelikeErichas more power, is funny as hell and forsuregotbetterideasthanother people and that is what I hope I am,too.AfterIbrokethe worldrecord in drumming 2006, my father understoodthatthereis no otherway than playing drums and make my livingwiththatfor me. Afterhe was behind my back, I knew that I couldreachthetop and sincethat day my businessis running much better.I´mmaybetallerthan Eric and my
hair is not that full but my heart is at the right place.

Nils Berger, Artist, Drummer.Cymbal, Endorser.
You can learn more about Nils Berger, andviewsomeofhis awesome drumming videos,
on his website or our ericcarr.commyspace...
Thanks Nils!

KISS CARR Dedicated to the memory of Eric
Eric is very missed.
I would like to share with you a carIairbrushedandhandpainted. The car has Eric Carr on it alloverwith the
rest of KISS. I am located in Radcliff Kentucky, the car has beeninseveralcarshows.
I have Dedicate the car in his memory, he is very missed.. Thankyou......EricYates

To the Caravello family,

My name is Rosie and I just felt I neededtowrite to you a quick note. Just under ten years ago my brotherwroteto you regarding my nephew Ross who passed away in 1996and alsosent you a CD booklet with his picture. My nephew wasa huge fanof Eric's and when he was at his lowest with his Leukemiahe watchedall his clips of Eric and it kept him strong. You haveno ideahow much your son means to our family, not only as a musicianbutthe fact that he was a hero to Ross and it kept him strong.I amso happy to have touched base with you again and thank youforthe myspace friendship. I hope one day very soon when my bandandI come to New York (all the way from Australia) that we canpayour greatest respect to Eric, I know it will be a very emotiontimefor me in more ways than one.

Thank you for your time. With great respect,Rosexxx

I just wanted to tell you how I loved Eric, and every time I readabouthim or see a picture I always tear up. He was the greatestdrummerin the world and his voice was beautiful. His memory willalwaysbe with me!! Sorry to bother you.

I can't even tell you how much Eric meant to me. I am a pro drummerfromSouthern Arizona and he has to be my biggest influence. Ifyougo to my MS site you'll see a track called Lair of the Foxandit's my drumming tribute to him. It's kind of short but Irecentlyre-recorded it and added lots more and that should beavailablesometime soon.

Eric's drumming and music has had suchanimpact on me. I feel like I've absorbed his thunderous presenceinmy playing but like him I also play other instruments and writemyown music. I work as a local pro in the Tucson area and evenperformas a solo drumset artist doing shows and clinics. I justgot anendorsement deal with Hollywood Custom Drums and I'm goingto seeabout putting something on the front bass drum head withEric'sKISS make up so everyone will know that he's always inmy heartwhen I perform.

I was thrilled when I got the RockologyCDas I had heard about the song Somebody's Waiting and was prayingthatI would hear it one day. Also, the other tracks were a pleasantsurpriseand it inspired me so much to keep doing what I do. Ericwas sotalented and I'm so proud to see that his influence isstil inspiringso many musicians today.

I would love to add you all to my friendslistand look forward to staying in touch with you. Eric stillmeansthe world to me and I will always treasure him.


My name is John Schroeder. When I was in high school my friendsandI
were always going to concerts. We stood in line in freezing weathertosee
KISS on many occasions. We got fairly close to meeting KISS afewtimes
but fate always seemed to kick our tail. We went to see KISS inCedar
Rapids, Iowa for what I believe was the Animalize tour (possiblyAsylum)
and fate finally gave us a break. On the top floor of the Hotel/
Convention Center was a lounge that most of the bands went toafterthe
concerts. We were sure KISS would be there and the second thefinalsong
was over we ran out of the stadium into the halls to the elevatorandup
we went to the lounge. We got down the hall and to the entranceandhad
actually beat the hotel security but only one person out of thesevenof
us was old enough to get in. We stared in and saw HUGE TEASEDBLACKHAIR
sticking out past the wall and could not go in. We talked ouroneofage
friend into going in to get an autograph at least and she cameoutwith
Eric Carr !!!!! When she went in he was right near the entranceandshe
asked him if he would come meet us since we could not go in. Heleaned
back, looked at us, and told her "I don't know ..... theylookpretty
rowdy to me." She simply said "please?" and hesaid"sure,whynot " and
out they came. He was without a doubt the nicest , most accommodating
person I have ever met. He took pictures with each of us, signed
autographs, talked to us for a while and took down our names and

Just as this started we were afraid it was going to end whenahotel
security member and someone from the KISS staff ( never foundoutexactly
who) came out and told us we all needed to "quit botheringEricandleave
immediately, he doesn't have time for this, he's had a long day."Eric
turned around and looked at them both and said " who do youthinkyouare?
These people buy the albums and pay to see the concerts. Thisiswhatit
is all about. They aren't causing any problems, they aren't hurtinganyone
and I always have time for fans. You need to leave, ok "

I was awestruck. We spent probably 30 minutes with Eric andwhenhe
finally needed to leave he was polite about it. He simply saidhewould
like to hang out longer but he was really tired and had to getupearly.
He even let us know when they would be leaving the next morningsowe
could meet Gene , Paul , and Bruce which amounted to them signing
autographs as they ran to get to the shuttle taking them to theairport.I
still have my pictures and autograph as well as a personal handwritten
letter from Eric as a reply to a letter I sent to him about hisdrumming
on the most recent album.

When I heard of his passing I was sick . He was such a greatpersonandI
just couldn't fathom how KISS would ever be the same without him.Itnever
was, never will be.






Right around the time he had gotten sick. He sent me a lengthyletterand
autographed picture. I was just a young teen and he was my idol.Iplayeddrums
and was taking lessons. He wrote some really inspriational stuff.Ihadsent
hima card and a get well letter. I believe this was right aroundthetime
he was
But he wrote back, and encouraged me to continue in my drum studiesand
achieve my dreams. I also draw just like he did and we discussedthattoo
in the
I was going through a really rough time and I know that he wastoo.Ijust
told him what a wonderful influence he was to me and how inspiredIwasbyhis

Well, Unfortunately, our home burned down and my grandma waskilledinthe
fire. The letter and picture was also a casualty. I was devastatedwhenhe
He was my musical idol and I mean, as a kid, I would dress uplikehiminhis
lick it up clothes, wig and all. ( I have light brown hair,lol)

I just seriously look in retrospect and ask where he wouldbenowallthese
years later. Living in NJ until just recently, I often thoughtoftakingthe
ride up to Newburgh to see his buriel site. I often think of himandIcan't
believe how KISS fell apart following his death, really. Yeah,theyhaveagood
marketing scheme but lets face it, it just was not the same...ever.

I know the void is never filled by the loss of him, but justknowthatIlive
my life by his words to me. It meant that much. When I am down,Ijustthink
of how happy he made me by simply taking the time when he wassicktowriteme
and as a messed up, undirected teen, he gave me strength and guidance.

God Bless...

John Lucas







Hello. My name is Stephanie. I've been a KISS fan for manyofmy30
years. Eric was, is, and will always be my favorite drummer! Irecently
discovered and while looking through the Memorabiliapages,I
thought about all the pictures and things that I have had formanyyears.
Among the items I have that directly relate to Eric is one ofthe"Thank
You" notes that was sent to me after having sent a lettertoEricwhilehe
was still fighting his cancer. Unfortunately, when I receivedthenote,
Eric had already passed away. I still have both the note, andtheenvelope.
I thought maybe I could scan it for you to add to your site, ifyouwould
like. One of the reasons I saved this note is because it is theonlyitem
I've ever received from ANY celebrity! At the time, I was a freshmanin
high school and it was the coolest thing in the world to me, evenifitwas
a reminder of such a devastating event. Also, it was special tomebecause
it's the closest I ever
came to Eric Carr. :( So, if you would like to have a copy ofitforyour
site, or just for your personal collection, I'd be happy to scanit.Havea
great day!






as for me i been a fan of kiss all my life i am 35 years old andwheneric
carr joined kiss he was a big influence on me as he was the onewhogotme
started to play double bass drums so since then i always beenabigeric
carr fan ..... i sent a flyer of my band and some pics of me behindmydrums
along with the album

so i hope you enjoy them as like i said it was the least icando

David Miller

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