EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS....God Gave video shoot in 1991.


 God Gave video shoot in 1991.
These were shot by "Tale of The Fox" Producer Jack Sawyers. Jack also produced God Gave Video, Kiss Confidential and more.Visit www.creativeworx.com for all new DVDs, including a new Bruce Kulick and UNION DVD.
(above right-Jack is the dude in the center of Eric and Mark R.) is from the God gave Rock and Roll
video shoot. Jack Sawyers and Mark Rezyko 1991 Van Nuys, CA. Photos, Jack Sawyers,
Video producer.

This was the last and most
memorable Kiss video
made, that is because it
marks, Eric's last time
playing with the band,

Jack Sawyers, who owns
these great photo's, said
Eric was loaded with
energy and ready to go.
This song had some of
the most beautiful Eric
Background vocals, he
had ever done

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