Hello, my name is John Humphrey and I'm the drummer for the rock band, SEETHER. I am also a 25+ year KISS fan and collector. My allegiance to the "KISS Army" began in 1980...about the time KISS was making a change in the "drummer" position. I was learning all about this "new" member through every magazine I could get my hands on (YES kiddies, this is before the internet), which included the now famous People magazine article and cover. Who is Eric? The fox, eh?Okay...needless to say, I hadn't seen the original line-up in concert (a bit too young) and I didn't get to see "my heros" until their first US tour in 4 years...1983's "Creatures of The Night 10th Year Anniversary Tour". Well, I already had been wearing out my copy of "Creatures" by the time the show rolled into my hometown of (OKC) Norman, Oklahoma, on March 21, 1983. (To this day, it is my absolute favorite KISS LP...and, in my opinion...Eric's shining moment. His drum sound and performance make that album!!)

The ticket was a birthday gift (March 23) from my mom. It was the concert and experience that's imprinted into my memory forever and, actually, changed my life. I found out, in short order, all about the "fox" and his bandmates!! The concert was amazing!! Right from the start...house lights down..."You wanted the best, you got the best..."...explosions that radiated heat (I could feel them all the way back to my seat in the first section, right side, off the floor)...and, Eric's double bass thundering intro of the title track, off their latest album. My mouth was on the floor!! Of course, there was Eric's solo and the amazing "War Machine" with the band standing on the tank (Eric's riser) firing canons into the audience!! I left there with my tour book and t-shirt, in hand, which I still have to this day...a "bigger" KISS fan (if that were possible) and convinced Eric was the best drummer KISS could ever have. (I still believe that to this day!)

That same year, I got my very first drum kit, a set of Ludwig's (Eric's brand of choice)!! Mind you, it wasn't nearly as big as Eric's (it was short about 20 pieces), but, it had everything a beginner needed and it was all mine. I spent that first weekend playing along with my "Creatures" record, working out Eric's signature drum pattern to "I Love it Loud" and his dramatic "Bonham-like" fills to "I Still Love You"...

Now here it is 25 years later and I'm a drummer in my own band. My drums, literally, have taken me around the world. I have performed on the Tonight Show a few times...played Madison Square Garden...and even have a few gold records, of my own.


Thank you Eric!! You changed that 13 years old's life forever!!


Johnny- (SEETHER)


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