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A few months ago I was invited to bea member of the studio audience at "The Johnny P Show."After the show I talked with Johnny P and found out he is notonly a huge KISS and Eric Carr fan but also a drummer. I thoughtJohnny would be a perfect interviewee for, so I askedhim and he was nice enough to answer a few questions.

Left: Johnny P with Richie Scarlet RightJohnny P with Vinny from the Sopranos

1. Who have been some of your favorite guests overthe years and why? Favorite guests are Vincent Pastore (Actor),Bernard Purdie (Pro Drummer), Don Jamieson (comedian andco host of That Metal Show), Hollywood Hamilton & Goumba Johnny(Disc Jockeys from WKTU 103.5 FM) & long time friend RichieScarlet (Frehleys Comet). All the guest are great in their ownway, those are the ones that got the biggest feedback.

2. What exciting guests do youhave planned for 2011?
We have a lot of cool guests and talent coming on the show for2011...things are always subject to change, I can say that ActorHaywood Nelson from the TV show What's Happening will be on theshow, he is a good friend of mine and he'll be on the show sometimethis year.
I'm waiting for rock band ZO2 to confirm an appearance. We arealso waiting on 1 or 2 cast members of the MTV show Jersey Shoreto come on. There are a lot of irons on the fire, just can't saywho's on when. This business is crazy like that.

3. If you could get Eric Carrin your guest chair for one question today, what would it be?If I was able to have Eric Carron my show today, the one question I would ask him is how he feltwhen Gene & Paul used to talk about Peter & Aces problems,did he laugh about it or did he feel uncomfortable. I know Ericand Ace were good friends.

4. Besides being the host of "LateNight With Johnny P" you cover drum duty in the band NYB.Does the band have anything planedfor 2011? As for my band NYB "None of Your Business"that was formed in the spring on 1995 and officially broke upin 2004-05, we did a reunion show on my Late Night Show in May2009 and that was that. Maybe sometime down the road we can doit again. I had a great run with NYB and I do wish all the memberswell, but my babysitting days are
There is something that NYB is doing this month, ready for this,I'm having all the members and their ladies at my house for dinnerand drinks this month for a good o'l time. We are all still greatfriends and I love these guys like brothers.
I'm in a different place in my mind these days; I'm focused onmy Late Night Show, my film editing and side production projects.I still practice and play my drums 3 to 5 times a week. I playfor myself & the love of it. The goal is to stay on top ofmy chops. I even started studying again with Staten Island prodrummer Nicky Capozzi who was the original drummer for White Lion;we are taking my playing to the next level. Nicky is a great playerand a cool teacher, he makes sure when you leave the studio youhave learned something new. He is really working me hard; it'sa good thing.

5. Did you ever get to meet EricCarr? If so, what was he like?
The first time I meet Eric Carris when KISS took off the makeup and they had a meet and greetin the city the week they were playing Radio City Music Hall for2 nights back in 1983.
There was a line for blocks of people waiting to see KISS withouttheir makeup. I didn't like waiting on lines when I was a teenso I cut the line with a friend of mine. We got in and when Isaw Eric I said what's up, he said thanks for coming. I rememberasking him where Ace was and he just started looking around theroom, under the table and said Ace isn't here and then laughed....andI said that its sucks that Ace wasn't in the band anymore, Ericsaid I know and maybe he'll be back someday. I will always rememberthat day, I got the "Lick It Up" album signed by thewhole band. I still have it.

6. In a short phone conversation a fewweeks ago you told me you saw KISS with Eric Carr many times.Being a drummer yourself, do any of Eric's drum solos stick outin your memory?
The drum solo that sticks outthe most of Eric's was on the Hot In The Shade Tour, with thebig black drum set and the computer pads on the top side of thedrum set, that tour he did a cool drum solo. I also like the soloon the Crazy Nights Tour! 
I have seen KISS so many times with and without makeup. I don'tknow the number of KISS concerts I saw, I know its over 50...Ishould count all my ticket stubs sometime just to see.  
First KISS Concert I was a kid and my Dad took me was MSG Dec.16, 1977. The last show I saw of KISS was at MSG in 2009 for TheSonic Boom Tour!!! and will see them again next tour.

7. If thiswas 1989 and you could have KISS play on your show, what songwould you request they play? Ifit was 1989 I would want KISS to play Rise To It!! That was acool song and the video was even cooler. When Gene & Paulput on the makeup in the beginning of the video, that was classic.

8. Who are some of your favorite musicalguests to play "Late Night With Johnny P? Some of my favorite musical guests on The LateNight with Johnny P Show were Shorty Long & The NJ Horns,Richie Scarlet, Stephanie Marie Hanvey, Deciever, Anthony Esposito,Fabian Musk

9. Your co-host is Dana Caruso. How longhas Dana been your co-host and how did you meet?As for my sidekick, co host Dana Caruso, she's been with theshow since April 23, 2009 to current. When I was auditioning fora new co-host, an actor friend of mine introduced me to her andshe read well so I gave her a shot and almost 2 years later she'sstill here. Only time will tell if she can ring the kidding aside, Dana and I work good together and we have agreat time doing the show.

10. How can people view the "LateNight With Johnny P" show in your area and outside of yourarea? For the public who wantto view or find info on Late Night with Johnny Show, just searchus on You Tube TV, Vimeo TV, Facebook, MySpace and in the nearfuture we will have an offical Late Night www site. My old sitesare still floating on the web,, The showairs on Time Warner, Verizon Fios TV and some channels on CableVision. We are going to start airing in LA by the summer of 2011.

11. Johnny, thank you for taking thetime to sit down with and we wish you all the bestin your 2011 season of "Late Night With Johnny P." I would like to thank the EricCarr.comsite for the honor of letting me and our production be part ofthis great site...Long live Eric Carr. He will always be a bigpart of the KISS History.


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