Jonesboro AR. KISS FAN Konvention, by Tom Hale


Man!!! I have been trying to find the words to put this years Jonesboro AR. KISS FAN Konvention ! GOD what a JOB Y'all did! Gaylon my brother from another Mother!! I will put it this way I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE A PLAY OR ANYTHING ON THE ELDER!!! I'm happy to say that I did cry a few times to have lived long enough to see a very fine play done way better then I ever thought possible!!!! I am still getting choked up as I write this to you !!

I am Sooooooo darn proud of all of you in Jonesboro and to be able to call Y'ALL my family! I will promise to do everything in my power to get OUR GUY'S In the Band to see this play! I really hope that when they see what there FANS have done they will be as proud as I am and I hope even more!!! MAYBE they will want to come to the fine little town in the middle of the Bible belt to see what a fine bunch of folks can come together and do in the name of KISS!! The Elder Play was so awesome(Linda of Kiss Fan site, her 2 boys were in the play) and the Kids really did a great job as well as everyone else! Enclosed are a few pics from the play as well as a pic of the Love Gun girl and EXCITER! Exciter rocked!
  I really hope that ALL of our Kiss Family WORLDWIDE will be able to see this JUST the way it was done!! Maybe if I can talk to some of our fine KISS FAMILY They will all get a chance to see this fine work and done so smartly as it was! Yes I do know that some of the mics didn't work and probably allot more things that I don't even know about! I am sure that our ELDERS in OUR KISS Family will want to see this just the way that  we was blessed to see it!!! YES I am talking about ours ELDERS PAUL STANLEY, GENE SIMMONS, PETER CRISS, ACE FREHLEY, LORI CARR (4 ERIC) as I know he was there!! VINNIE VINCENT, MARK ST. JOHN, (another who was there in spirit) BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE KULICK, ERIC SINGER, AND OF COURSE TOMMY THAYER!!! OUR ELDERS!!!! Oh and DOC!! We know  that they will be just  as proud as we were  for sure!!
 And Last but not least, Special Thanks to Knute,  if it wasn't for the 10 year old boy Knute who wanted to help out the Homeless, none of this would of been possible. 
Gary Thomas Hale (Tom)
Kiss Army Arkansas