OUR FAN OF THE MONTH staff writer Nick "The Quig" Clemente is proud to present two firsts this Month. Kitsune is our first female and our first Canadian Fox Fan Of the Month.
What is your name and /or your Facebook name?
Amber "Kitsune" Moon (Kitune=fox in Japanese) its just Kitsune Moon on facebook

How old are you?

 Where are you from?
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What is your favorite Eric Carr era KISS album and song?
Favorite album is Creatures of the Night. Gotta love those booming drums in it! Eric WAS that album! Favorite song has to be Little Caesar. It always picks me up, and I've always found it inspirational. Plus I love Eric's vocals. He really should have sung more with Kiss.
Did you get to see Eric play live? If so when and where?
I wish I did. Sadly I wasn't around yet for most of Eric's shows.
Did you ever meet Eric?
Again, I wish. I was only 5 years old when Eric passed away, but I remember hearing about it on the radio, in which they played the albums lick it up and animalize over and over for a week.
I admire His dedication despite his battle with Cancer, and have since lost some family and other very influential people in my life to Cancer of the same degree. I've started a lot of charity work with the Canadian Cancer Society because of Eric, my grandparents and my father-in-law; all of who have inspired me in some way or another to do great things.

If you could ask Eric one question today what would it be?
Hmm... tricky question...  I would say I would want to ask if there would be anything he would have done differently with his time with KISS. Would he have wanted to do more, would he have tried again to put out a solo album (Rockology is great by the way I play too cool for school on my radio show on regular rotation!) Would he have pushed harder for the Rockheads to be released? I know that seems like a lot, but there is so much I would love to know!