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AUG 27th

Glad to be a part on Eric's page....I am a HUGE fan. I used to work at Sears in Middletown NY with Eric's mother...great bunch of people....god bless!!!

Eric M.


AUG 27th

Thank you so much for the add! The new Kissology is wonderful because it filled a much needed void for me... I was lacking in Eric's drumming for far too long! And the dvd's prove just how much better Kiss sounded with him laying down the beat.

Eric was always my favorite Kiss member and will always remain my favorite drummer. Great site and great dedication to one of rock and roll's greatest heroes! I know he's watching over this myspace page and has to be loving what he sees!

Take care guys and have a good one!


AUG 27th

great drummers come with great fans~he wont ever be forgotton!


AUG 27th


AUG 27th

eric was cool as hell,got to meet him 1 night at the ritz for an ace frehley show..
here is how it went down,everyone started runnin to the main entrance ,so me n ma friends started walking over there too ,when comin through the crowd,all we saw was hair ,well up walks to me this mountain of hair wraps his arm round my shoulders n says walk to the bar(yeah it was eric).so me n my friends surrounded him n kinda kept everyone else at bay.went to the bar,he got us drinks ,signed some stuff for us,then sec came n took em for a brief moment in time me n my friends got to be bodygaurds for eric..
he was cool as hell (wouldnt let us buy him drinks ,he bought em for us,)signed all our tix stubbs n whatever else we could find for him to sign.still have both autographs framed with an eric carr kissfan convention poster from a show done in jersey(another funny story) was going to my neices wedding n in the lobby of the hotel they were having a kiss fest(not the richie ranno kissexpo,(another good friend)).gordon gg gebert was the main special guest n gordon has since become a very good friend of mine.
so thats where the flyer came from to go with the tix stub n piece of paper eric signed for me(they all framed along with an eric carr kiss card).
so thanks for keeping us all up to date on a great drummer n person..
may god rest his soul.
peace n metal daze..
uncle frank/morlockrocks

Aug 22 2007 8:33A
KISSology 2...good material, but Paul and Gene continue to disappoint me, as I read the booklet. Can they spell Caravello right, BTW? They said a lot of great things about Eric...too little too late I think. And they continue down the same path of putting KISS before anyone. I just think they are wrong. I love Eric and Eric saved KISS when the band was in bad shape. Gene and Paul owe a lot more to Eric than what they gave him.

Aug 22 2007 8:43A
Best drummer EVER :DJim

Aug 22 2007 10:59A
Kissology vol 2 was very cool. I think it did a good job in capturing what a great performer Eric was. I would have liked to see a whole section devoted just to Eric but it was cool to see Eric at the end. BTW where is the alternate makeup easter egg?


Aug 22 2007 2:44P
thanx for having me. Eric was a very underapperated talent.


Aug 22 2007 7:26P
I just watched the end of KISSOLOGY II, the hospital footage of Eric...God I miss him! He was too good for this planet, whenever I hear thunder, I figure it's Eric up there having fun! God Bless.

Aug 22 2007 9:02P
eric carr is a legend and the best drummer ever!!

Aug 22 2007 9:03P
Gene and Paul are Idiots for not letting him sing his stuff on albums!!!

Aug 22 2007 9:10P
Ive been a KISS fan from the beginning. If you need proof check out My Pics and see for urself.
Anyways. When it was announced that there would be 3 volumes of Kissology, it was Volume 2 that I look forward to most because of Eric. He was and still is my all time favorite drummer. I still remember the rush I got from seeing his Drum Solo on the Animalize tour. Flawless.
So I picked up Kissology V2 on tues and watch it over 2 days. Was extremly happy in how it was presented. Everything was as it should be..until disc 3. When they ended it all by showing Eric's final performane with the band with God Gave Rock and Roll II You video, it was somewhat sad. And then the credits came in and cut out the video. I was pissed to say the least. Thought it was disrespectful in doing that. Normally when the credits start rolling thats when I turn it off. But I wanted to at least finish listening to the song. So I did, and out of nowhere I get an uncreditted bonus. Eric himself. Now I understood why the credits were in place. They knew people would listen to the end and we would be rewarded with in my opinion was the best thing about V2. Eric talkin to us. Priceless!!!!! Im glad I got to see this. And Im glad that he never lost his humor...even when "authenticating" his rock and roll video.
All hail the king: Eric Carr.
ChipPipes Of Panic

Aug 22 2007 9:10P

Aug 12 2007 10:21P
thanks for the add eric was the BEST Druimer in the world



 Aug 21 2007 12:07P
Just watched Kissology II and the hospital footage broguht me to tears (no mean feat). That footage alone spoke volumes about the man's character. He was giving it up for his fans at a time when most people would not have done the same. Whew...
I don't know if his attire during the "God Gave Rock And Roll To You" video was any indication, but if so, I've got a good idea where he is now...


Aug 21 2007 5:00P
I just finished watching KISSOLOGY 2.It gave me chills watching Eric perform. He looked so happy to be playing for the fans. Like a kid on Christmas morning...only everyday was his Christmas.His version of Black Diamond was incredible!


Aug 21 2007 5:08
Eric will ALWAYS be an inspiration & influence to all of us drummers! It was so unbelievable to see Eric goofing around 3 days after open-heart surgery @ the end of Kissology Vol. 2. He didn't even let his serious condition get him down. What a GREAT person he was! He never got the recognition he deserved, but us fans WILL NEVER FORGET HIM! You're Still the BEST Eric!
J. Flip-out


Aug 212007 6:55P
Thanks for the add. It is truly an honor to be on the friends list of one of the all time great rock drummers. Eric is my favorite Kiss drummer and one of my favorite drummers overall. RIP Eric, you will never be forgotten.


Aug 21 2007 7:53A
I loved Kissology 2. Eric was, and will be my fav drummer of all time.He is still missed greatly..


Being a Kiss fan I rushed to get my copy of kissology 2 as the credits on disc 3 ended i almost shut the dvd player off when an old friend decided to say hello,i only met eric once,but he made you feel as if you had known him forever,it was a sight for sore eyes,and it brought tears to mine,seeing the video MADE kissology 2 EXTRA special,there was eric laughing and joking and saying THANK YOU to us,can you believe it ,to US,but that was eric he loved the fans,thanks to the caravello family for this true treasure and to gene and paul for including it..... and to eric ,THANK YOU from us the FANS!


Rose, Loretta and everyone....

It's been a little while since I've contacted you.
Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm very happy
to see that the release of Kissology volume 2 has lots
of footage of Eric. I watched my copy of this DVD the
other day, and I gotta tell you guys - Eric seemed
like a very special guy. I deeply regret never getting
a chance to meet him or see him perform live in
concert. Absolutely my loss.

Just touching base with you and saying hello. Also
passing along my best to you and the Caravello family.
And, of course, God bless Eric.

Chris Drew
Cincinnati, OH



Yesterday I watch KISSology Vol. 2 and it's great to see that Eric finally get's all the attention!
His energy & power as "The Fox" behind his drumkit is incredible!
When I saw his personal video-message on his hospital bed I was overwelmed...
With a tear in my eye and a lump in my troat I watch it to see Eric still joking around!
What can I say? Thank you for showing this private footage to us fans...




What can I say, I love Kissology 2. The best thing about it is that it really shows Eric Carr and how he made Kiss a much better band.Going back to the make-up days and the "HOT IN THE SHADE"tour,its clear to everyone that he was great!!The best part aboutKissology 2 is the video clip of him at the hospital after his surgery.At first,I thought it was going to be sad but his mooning at the end was classic.It really shows in that short video,just how much he cared for his fans and what a great sence of humore he had.HE IS TRULEY MISSED!!! MARC

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As alot of KISS fans around the nation, I was anticipating the release of KISSOLOGY Volume 2. I was especially interested in this new KISS DVD package in hopes of learning more about Eric Carr's time with the band. In my opinion Eric was the best drummer to have ever graced this planet. I must say that I was not disappointed in any way shape or form. After watching the cult classic, newly named "Kiss in the Attack of the Phantoms" which I watched as a 11yr. old boy on a cold October night in Chicago. I was pleased with what each disc offers. There is alot of great footage here, especially "Eric" footage. From his first tour with the band in Australia to his last appearance with the band on the video "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" I, as a fan was especially happy with the footage that Alex Coletti was able to retrieve from the Carr family. The family shares a very intimate and inspiring clip of Eric just a couple of weeks before his passing. Sharing with the world what an incedible human being Eric was.
My thanks go out to all involved that put this DVD package together. It is a testament to what KISS fans have always believed. "WE" the fans have always come first.

Bobby Steele.

  On Aug 15, 2007, at 1:50 AM, M. Dawes wrote:

Just watched about half of the Kissology 2 DVD set that I picked up today from Wal-Mart. This set is the one DVD set I've been waiting for because of Eric. What an awesome amount of concerts, interviews & clips. Seeing Eric after he joined the band you really sensed a down to earthiness about him. Even after all these years it's truly a shame he was taken from us all so young. The bonus clip at the end with Eric & his video camera at the hospital was so touching and humorous. Again Eric was truly amazing at not letting the rock star life get to him and keeping it all real. A big thank you to the Caravello family for sharing that clip with us fans. It means alot.

Thanks also for maintaining a great website & myspace page to honor Eric.

The Fox Rox.
R.I.P. Eric.

Mark Dawes

 Subject: Eric Carr hospital video
From: showalum on 08/15/2007

Hi guys,

Just got done watching all of Kissology Vol. 2 and was absolutely floored by Eric's home video he made after his heart surgery that ran after the credits. I couldn't believe what I was watching - there he was addressing all the fans, showing us what he'd been through and cracking his jokes along the way. He didn't let it get him down.

Thank you so much for including this in the set! How did you get it? After hearing Paul's commentary about how difficult things got with Eric and his family at the end I am beyond amazed you were able to share this video with everyone. Thank you again - a great tribute to Eric.

And also a nice touch with the tribute to Mark St. John. I believe that was the first video I've ever seen of him speaking on-camera. Great, great stuff.

Jesse Ball

Subject: Kissology 2
From: clixplayer65 on 08/14/2007

Hi Everyone,
Picked up my copy of KISSOLOGY 2 today and all I can say is....... Ya know what?? I'm speachless.
This is GREAT. I couldn't believe all the concert footage.
I was blown away. I'm sorry to say I never went to see KISS during this time period but KISSOLOGY 2 made me feel like I was there the whole time.
I was most impressed with all of the Eric Carr footage especially the personal video. (at the end of disc 3, after the credits.)
KISS keeps on rockin. Can't wait for KISSOLOGY 3!!!
Glad to know that Paul is doing great.
Thanks for all the music.
Bryon T. McKay


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