Eric got this at christmas 1980, was a card from Paul, This is the outside envelope, a card was inside. Eric saved the Envelope and card ( I cant find the card..LOL) from Paul, Saved it because he was excited about it, You can see post mark. Eric Even spelled Paul Stanley wrong.

 Kiss Thank you letter ORIGINAL to KISS..


 This is a kiss telefax from the UK

 This is very interesting, Selmar, is LUDWIG drums, this is the women, who fills out the orders at ludwig drums, for Eric's Crazy Nghts Drum Poster. Seems as though Kids all think they are writting to Eric but , she is the one. So she is writing to Kiss ( Eric ) to see if she herself can get a poster signed by Eric. After all she is the one answering all the fans. She also explains how it is the hottest selling poster they have

 This are 2 of Eric's Luggage tags, one in from 1989, says Paul Caravello/ Eric Carr,
has the Kiss company address. The other is from 1991, has Eric Carr and the address of his manhatten apartment, which he moved into, in January 1991.

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