There is a Beautiful Eric Carr's...ROCKHEADS PRESSKIT available, consisting of 10 Sharp, great quality 81/2 x 11 laser Bkl. & Wht. Framable prints of the Rockheads, characters.. plus!! 1 Sheet of Adorable Rockheads stickers. Only available at this website All laser prints..set of 10 only 12.99. Plus..(See postage rates at bottom of page.)



MMMMM How bout this Dudes!!

A Special collectable.. Consist of Eric Carr's genuine.. NOT COPIES,.. of His personal Streetgang Stationary,business card with his name..Envelope and package label..

These ARE NOT!!! copies... Streetgang this was, eric's parent company, for the Rockheads. If you are interested please let me know ASAP they are limited....
4 piece genuine Streetgang Stationary...
$12.99 a set. See postage rates at bottom of page.
Well worth collectable. very rare!!!

these are all genuine collectables and unauthorized use is prohibited. Spread the word about the website so all of eric's fans can enjoy..let Kiss know how much you love the Rockheads... ....check em out Authorization by the Eric Carr Family


POSTAGE RATES USA...orders within the USA.....Add $2.50 extra for shipping and Handling. (U.S. money orders only.....)

Add $4.50 extra for shipping and Handling.
(U.S. money orders only.....)


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This is official merchandise..duplication is prohibited..