By John H.


When KISS announced their Alive 35 tour, I thought it would be a cool idea to finally "paint" a set of NASCAR style race cars, one for each member.  As a simulation racer, I would then race these cars as they were completed.  I finished the original set, rather quickly, I would say within 2 to 3 weeks, but there was one car I really felt needed to be completed, and that was one in tribute to Eric Carr.

I had started the car, but it was shelved for a later date as life issues interrupted.  Finally, the car has found it's way to completion.

I felt it was important to include Eric Carr in this carset, not only because was he one of, if not the best drummer in Rock History in my opinion, but because of his importance to KISS' survival through the '80s.  Listening to live KISS just prior to Eric joining in 1980, and then listening to them play the same songs with Eric behind the set -- with all due respect to Peter Criss, Eric brought new life and power to the KISS formula.

Of course, the first album with Eric on drums (Music from the Elder), wasn't exactly a hit.  But it was the Creatures of the Night album that really allowed Eric to unleash his talents and power.  In my opinion, Eric Carr was the driving force behind KISS throughout much of the '80s.  He may have gotten too little time behind the mic, but his talents on the drums was a vital ingredient to what kept KISS relevant throughout the '80s. 

In my opinion, Eric was KISS' MVP of the '80s.  Unfortunately, his time with us was cut short by his untimely death in 1991. 

I have never met Eric, but I know people who have, and I have read things about him that all say the same thing, not only was he a great drummer, but a great, down to earth person who had a genuine love for the fans.  And the fans love Eric.

So I painted this car, utilizing the artwork which is said to be the artwork which was intended to be used as the cover art for his KISS solo album, which makes the car blend well with the set including Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter.  I used a shot of Eric drumming in the "I love it loud" video on one rear fender, as well as another shot, more of a candid shot on the other rear fender.  I also replaced the ALIVE 35 references, with "In Memory of Eric Carr, 1950-1991".

As with the other cars, I will race this car in the Simulation Series I race in (  The difference will be that I am waiting to race the car until the season finale on November 19, which will be broadcast live on internet TV, as a tribute to Eric...and with any luck, I will do my best to get the win, and secure the championship using this car as my vehicle.  I will pass along the address so it can be viewed by KISS/Eric fans as soon as I get it.

The car, as well as my entire portfolio will soon be accessible



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