In 2000 Peter Criss invited as his Guest, the Carr family, to see the band at the meadowlands arena in New Jersey. At the same time Carrie Stevens, Eric's girlfriend was running the Rock for the Cure Charity Site, whose proceeds would benefit the needy, just prior to Rock for the Cure, she along with Bruce Kulick, and Bobby Rock, had helped to make FOXFEST in Eric's memory a huge success.

The first night of the New Jersey concerts, Peter and Ace signed many items for the family, which were then given to Rock for the Cure.

Peter Criss who is a very kind person , gave Eric's family his Drumsticks, which he told them he had been using with all that day, during kiss practice and sound checks, in turn, the Carr family, in good faith, donated the sticks to Rock for the Cure for their auction. The charity raised a large sum, which was used to help the poor, the Charity had achieved its goal and Rock for the Cure ended in late 2002.

As for the Peter Criss used drumsticks they were never won at auction and returned to the family.

We are now offering you a chance to own these wonderful drumsticks used by Peter Criss on the FAREWELL TOUR, 2000, The drumsticks are all black, with tape around the tops and some small white lettering on a center label, which wraps around each stick. There are plenty of drum marks along the bottoms and middles of each stick, white plastic on top and on tips of each stick.
Peter Criss was always very nice to Eric and the Family, and still today, they speak to one another.
A potion of the proceeds of these rare sticks, will be donated to the Eric Carr foundation at St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis Tenn.

The family will include, their personal untorn concert ticket, from Peter and a VIP pass (with dot,) which granted the wearer access to anywhere back stage).

This is a very nice piece of KISSTORY. E-mail us for info