An interview with Danger Danger singer Ted Poley
by: Contributing writer Nick "The Quig" Clemente


Ted Poley is the singer of Danger Danger as well as a successful solo artist and has more side projects then Jack White. Ted is also knee deep in KISStory. He fronted Danger Danger opening both the "Hot In The Shade" and "Revenge" tours, has a song about him on a Vinnie Vincent tribute album called "KISS MY ANKH," and sang lead vocals on a soon to be released unfinished Eric Carr track. I caught up with Ted recently to find out what 2011 brings for him and get his input on a few KISS questions.

Our Very own, Nick "The Quig" Clemente hanging with Ted.

The Ted Poley "Greatest Hits" CD has been re-released with some very interesting new cover art. Tell me about this new art work.

Its really cool, the art was done by my friend and amazing artist Frank Garofolo who recreated 6 classic album covers but in each one he incorporated me into the image. So, each is a spoof (and tribute) to the original. It's as if you had put one of my cd's in your collection and I have grown like mold and taken over the other cd covers in your collection. I'm sort of like bedbugs. I infected your collection. You can fold any one of them to be the main cover. I have always been into album covers and art in general, and even bought a Starcastle LP when I was a kid because I liked the cover, so I wanted to do something very special with the cover and it was expensive. To be honest, the cover with the boobs outsells it 10 to 1. I have learned that no effort, no matter how creative can compete with a nice rack. Nothing will ever beat boobs. Take my advice- put a pair on your next cd cover.

Are there any plans for a new album or live shows (solo or with DD) in 2011?

Tons of plans! How many of them will actually work out remains to be seen. LOL. I will be on the road a lot this year; I am already booking the 2011 schedule through December. I tour a lot more as a solo artist than with D2 because as much as I love to play live with them, they have a lot going on in their real lives and just don't play that much, so I fill in the year by going out and playing for, and with, the fans.

I am planning a good ol' fashioned "5 guys in a van" road tour around the USA this spring and summer and I will be back in Europe in the fall to continue the TP Never Ending World Tour which has already taken me through the UK, Brazil, Peru, Australia, and Sweden. (Wont be driving the van to Europe, its not waterproof, we'll probably fly to those shows)

You started your music career as the drummer of the band Prophet. You've been a lead singer for many years now. Do you still get the itch to play drums? Do you ever play your drummer's kit in the studio or sound check?

Yes! I love to hit them whenever possible, I "air drum" all day. Sometimes I will drum at the end of the show but I have developed a nerve damage issue in my right arm so it's really hard now. I try to hold it together for half a song because the drums sound so cool blasting out of a concert pa system and I just love it.

What were some of the places you played when Danger Danger opened for KISS?
Arenas everywhere, even Scotland and the UK, Wembley Stadium! I still have the KISS (with Danger Danger) poster from that gig. It's huge; it's in my rehearsal room behind the drums.

You told me you watched KISS play every night of the "Hot In The Shade" tour. Any Eric Carr drum solo stick out in your memory?

Yes, I had the best job on the world! I got to go to a KISS concert 5 nights a week! I would watch the show, I would watch sound check, and I would watch them off stage. I decided to do what I do, at my first KISS concert when I was 15. KISS were my Heroes and still are. So yeah, I watched em every night and although I cant pick out a specific gig (its all a wonderful rock n roll blur now), I can honestly say that EVERY Eric solo was awesome. He didn't get that seat by laying back! That was HIS time to shine and everyone loved it.

There is a song performed by CC Banana called "Ted Poley" on the Vinnie Vincent Tribute CD "KISS MY ANKH." It set to the tune of the KISS song "Unholy." What did you think when you first heard the song?

Its based on a true story about a Ted/Paul encounter (too long of a story to go into here but its on the net and will be in my book!) where Paul actually sang my name to the tune of "Unholy"(one of the great moments in my life btw!) so CC penned some funny lyrics and produced the song! When I heard it I thought it was so great that I used it as my intro "pre-tape" before every solo show!

Do you still like it today?

I love it so much that I included it as a bonus track on my Greatest Hits vol 1 which is a 2 cd set, available at
Vol 2 (coming eventually) will include the Eric Carr /Bruce Kulick song "JUST CANT WAIT" which I was privileged to sing and I think came out really cool. I added a lot of vocal parts and harmonies (along w my buddy Mike Ledesma on backgrounds) and its something that I am very proud of. I wish that Eric could have heard me sing it.

It's no secret that you are a huge KISS fan. What is your favorite KISS song(s) from the Eric Carr years?

I have favorites from every cd, too many to list.

You recorded lead vocals to an unfinished (soon to be released) song written by Eric Carr called "Just Can't Wait." The music was recorded before Eric's passing. Eric is playing drums and bass on the track with Bruce Kulick on guitar. What was it like to be in a recording studio with half of the "Hot In The Shade" KISS playing in your headphones?

Actually, I never thought of it that way! If I had, I might have been too nervous to sing the song. It's truly a dream come true.

How do you think the song came out?

Really well. Especially with what we had to work with, which were basically unfinished demos. I was in charge of producing, arranging, and singing the vocals, I sang the lead vocals and some backing vox and produced Mike Ledesma on more backing vocals. I think the fans will really like it; it's a catchy song.

If you could ask Eric one question today, what would it be?

Well I wouldn't waste that precious moment on a selfish question, I would probably use my minute w him to thank him for being nice to me. He was always very nice to me, just acted like a regular good guy and treated me like a friend, even though I never got over being nervous around him-because, after all-he was the drummer of KISS. He was Kind to me. That's what I will remember most above all of the drum solos. Man, now you got me in tears.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Ted. Good Luck in 2011.

Thank you, I wish you all the Best and I hope to see you on the road this year. Please go to my site and buy a Greatest Hits cd, I need to put a lot of gas in the tour van.

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