Sandee...Florida sunshine girl, airline stewardess. Oh! how she loves to travel . Everywhere she goes she has to buy some ridiculous little trinkets and goodies to remember her flight. As a child she love to roll around in the sand mmmm...maybe that's how she got her name?. Sandee is always holding up flights to buy a sweatshirt for her 800 strong sweatshirt collection. This great-looking blonde grew up in southern Florida. She loves the warm weather and sunshine. At age 15 she entered the "Miss Orange Peel" contest and won first prize, which was a chance to attend airline stewardess training school. This was her only chance to travel, as a child the farthest she could go was to her neighbors backyard. This was her fantasy come true. She doesn't care how small a city is or how bad the weather , she's just glad to be going SOMEWHERE. Oh! and of course buy another trinket .



Bibi...French, very chic, hot-looking, comes from wealthy family; a bit of a rebel against being so sophisticated; a total tourist; has lots of trouble with the English language. Bibi came to the U.S. as an exchange student and now that school is finished she wants to become a citizen, play bass guitar, and be in a band. (not too much to ask). She reads all the fashion magazines, dresses in the hippest clothes, and carries herself with class. She seems aloof but she's not untouchable. She knows that keeping your distance just long enough can be LOTS of fun! At the same time her heavy French accent makes her English very hard to understand, when she becomes frustrated with herself she jumps and growls like an angry tiger. But undisputed Bibi is a source of amusement to those who know and love her. They often wonder how someone so classy and sophisticated , could have so many uncool, unsophisticated habits. We loves ya anyway Bibi!!! Keep it up babe!!!


"Gabby Maxwell....talks all the time and OH!!! soooooo LOUD. Editor and chief of " HOT ROCKS" the world's largest Rock circulation magazine. He's always hustling n' bustling around and carries (or should I say wears) several phones in his hair. But watch out!! He's got lots of power in the Music business and can make ya or break ya. The ROCKHEAD are big enough though, they don't worry about being on Gabby's bad side. They would rather not be exposed to his avalanche of sound. Unfortunately he always manages to corner them and bombard them with his endless stream of compliments, gossip and questions.

Roxy...strong, intelligent, takes control of things. She KNOWS the Rock business inside-out. Scruffy's childhood friend, she shares his inner most secrets and habits. Roxy is an awful cook but she is constantly cooking up dishes for the Rockheads that just never turn out as planned. Scruffy is like a brother, she watched him grow as a performer and always wished him the best. Poor Rox, she always wanted to be a Star, but just could never get the hang of it. Day after day she would practice her guitar and swishing moves in front of the mirror, but unfortunately, that would be her only fan. As she grew older, Scruffy let her come along to his band rehearsals. She would always come up with lots of suggestions for Scruffy and his bands but the guys wouldn't listen because...well what do girls know about Rock Roll anyway, right? (oh yeh) She followed the progress of ROCKHEADS because she knew in her heart that someday they would make it BIG. ..She knew it was just a matter of time for Scruffy and his bandmates . The rest is history.


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