Scruffy...lead vocals/rhythm guitar, sunglasses, attitude and HAIR!!!!- (he LOVES chocolate!) Lead singer and founding member of ROCKHEADS, he's from New York City. He's a street kid that can take care of himself. He's not a tough-guy though, he's a real softy inside. A cream puff. He's got his own definite idea of how a Rock Star should look and act. He never takes his sunglasses off because he feels a true Rock Star should be mysterious. He doesn't like to smile because he thinks it's bad for his image. In reality he's just trying to hide the fact that he's really cute, shy and sensitive. He can't help it! In spite of everything he does he's always blowing his cover somehow. One of his goals as a kid was to have the biggest head of hair in the world....Now he does and it's still growing! It's his trademark. He carries a brush and mirror with him all the time and they'll mysteriously appear and disappear in and out of his hair along with his hands and arms. At one year old he would sing into anything that looked like a microphone. Nobody knew what he was saying but they agreed this was no ordinary kid. OH BOY WERE THEY RIGHT!!!!!

Crystal...sarcastic, funny, painfully blunt; always says what she feels; she's an assistant recording engineer at WA-HOO studios. She likes to see things in visual cartoon humor. Crystals always been inquisitive; she likes to know how and why things are. Question after question.

She'd love to play rock but it's just not in her, so this is the next best thing to being there. She took a course in recording studio engineering and within a year had landed a big time job at WA-HOO studios, the studio by golly!! where ROCKHEADS© were recording their first album.


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