Clive...bass guitar/vocals, properness, nerves, fidgeting and tea-making. British-born and well educated, Clive is the bass guitarist for ROCKHEADS. He's proper, pompous, a bit snooty and because of his rigid up bringing he finds the other band members a bit uncouth and always finds one thing or another to be amused/disgusted by.He'll usually wear a "Poor lad, you can't help being such a primitive" expression on his face. He fidgets all the time and is very worried about losing his hair. He's usually pretty stationary on stage; a good contrast to the insanity going on with Scruffy and Slider, the lead guitarist. once in a while though he cuts loose and tries to move with them. His timing is way off and makes for a pretty funny sight. Always the but end of the jokes by other bandmembers, Clive keeps his distance while on tour. He truly beleives by hanging tea bags outside his hotel room door he can ward away bandmembers. It doesn't work!!!.


Slider..lead guitar/vocals, flashy playing and the world's longest knee slides!! The ROCKHEADS lead guitarist is a real L.A. guitar HERO! He's an amazing player and he's great-looking. Blonde hair, blue eyes. To die for!!! He got his name becasuse of the great knee slides he does onstage. They're famous. Noone even comes close. They don't have to because he's always trying to beat his own record. He wears a tape measure on his belt and during a particularly exciting song he runs to the side, attaches the other end to a hook off-stage and goes running into a slide across the stage with the tape trailing. It's one of the highlights of the show. One problem though. Sometimes Scruffy and Clive cant get clear of slider. Poor slider ends up sliding clear off the stage into the fans, and boy is that embarassing. (oh well). Come back slider!!!!!!!!!...We need ya!



drums/vocals, energy, pranks, and AMAZING calculations! The man that holds the band together on stage with his solid, powerful bashing, Punky is the drummer's drummer. He's got the talent, looks energy and attitude that make him special enough to be a ROCKHEAD. He grew up in a very small quiet town in the Midwest. The kind of town where noone makes a sound after 8:30 in the evening. He wanted to ROCK. He's been playing since he was 8 years old and the only reason his parents bought him a drum set was so he would stop beating up everything in the house! He would play 6 hours a day every day of the week and he was so intense that now his face is etched in a permanent smirk from all the faces he made when he was practicing. He looks like a real wise-guy punk, (Mmmmm) could that be why they call him Punky?)

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