'1. "MR. DooGAN"He appears as a street bum but in reality is Scruffy's guardian angel. He is always in the city the band is in but noone can figure out how he gets there. He always intervenes in some way to either advise, comment or help the situation. Has a voice similar to Christopher Lloyd in his "TAXI" role as the burn-out. He means well, though....

UH.. I..Think


1. A curse is put on them by a jealous band; an evil villain; another record company, etc. Everything they try to play comes out sounding like speed metal ( alt.- opera, classical, swing, cocktail lounge, etc.) They must locate the Evil wizard of Rock and end the curse.

2. A band member gets kidnapped by an overly loving fan and must be found before the Monsters of Rock showtime.

3. JiM "ScHOOL"

He appears as Slider's roadie. He's really electronically intelligent but nerdy-looking. Has'crush on one of the girls in school..oh of course you guessed it..Oh no hold on...

Here We Go!!

Golden Drumstick

4. Rescue the Golden Drumstick.

This would be a vehicle for PuNky. He wants to be the best Drummer in the world. His dream... Find the Golden Drumstick. Legend has it.....This Drumstick was stolen from the Tomb of King of all Drummers. It is been missing for thousands of years. The one who returns it to the tomb, will be rewarded with incomparable Drumming Skills. Of course though no one really has an inkling of where to even start their search.

You guessed it...Punky overhears a conversation between two strange looking drum salesmen from some exotic and far away land. ..They are discussing some interesting info which may lead Punky to his dream. The....

Golden Drumstick

Oh Gee!! OHHHHH!!.....

What they know..but Punky doesn't that he is the only Drummer around that has the power to rescue the drumstick and return it to its rightful owner, ...OF coURse he's actually being set up..The quest begins... Hang in there Punky...we're pulling for ya..


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