A very Special Reunion


From Byron Fogle

Here is a report from former Cellarman Bob Pryor about the 2 reunions the remaining members of Smack and the Cellarman held over the past 2 years.
You can also click on the link below for Bob's page and hear some original music as well as a tribute to the Cellarman and Eric called "From The Cellar Came A Star" (just click on the music link on the main page on the left hand side)
We hope all the fans of Eric and the Cellarman enjoy this blast to the past and future.

Visit Bob's website and listen to the cool musical tribute to Eric.



Cellarmen/Smack Reunion # 1 - 2002

Two year ago, we all thought what a great idea it would be to get all the existing Cellarmen/Smack band members together for a musical reunion. It was decided that for convenience purpose, I'd fly to the East Coast and we would hold the reunion at Victor's home in Connecticut because he had a lot of equipment set up and a big basement. (Cellar)

The first meeting was real special for me, as I had not seen everyone in over thirty years! All the free styling kids I knew before were now parents with children, and in some cases grandparents.

When I first arrived, I stayed with Marty, and the minute I saw him, it was like 30 years ago, except for our hairstyles. There have been some changes over the years! For the first reunion, I really did not know what to expect musically. We had done some planning, but no one really knew what it would be like the first time we all picked up the instruments again.

So, we all headed to Victor's house with friends and families in tow to see what we would sound like. It was eerie, especially with Paul/Eric not being with us. Soon as we set up, we began to play. To our shock, it was like we never left! The little things a band develops over the years, the timing, the subtle musical changes, all were still there! Aside from a few muscle cramps, mostly on my end from not playing for real for a while, it was just like old times!

The first reunion with myself, Victor, Gary, and Marty only lasted a day, as we really did not know what to expect. We spent time jamming and performing some of the music we remembered such as You Keep Me Hanging On, Light My Fire, and a bunch of other Cellarmen/Smack tunes. After we finished playing, we spent the evening reminiscing and looking at some old Paul/Eric tapes. It was a surreal experience to say the least. The next day, we said our good byes promising to do it again as long as everyone was interested.

Visit Bob's website and listen to the cool musical tribute to Eric.

Cellarmen/Smack Reunion # 2 - 2003

After the fun we had at the first get together, we have decided to have a yearly reunion for as long as we could. Also, we decided to spend more time so we could visit more and catch up on old times. So in August of this year, we met again, same place. Unfortunately, Gary was not able to make it so all of us had to take turns singing songs that Gary normally would have done. We probably did not do his part justice, but we had a blast trying!

I had spent two days with David and his family before our get together so we mapped out a whole bunch of songs to do and adjust the keys to our aging voices! (LOL) We did stuff like Proud Mary, Midnight Hour, Back in the USSR, Roll Over Beethoven, " Wipeout"and other "classics". We even had Marty sing " Gimme Shelter"- he had a ball! We were also treated to the singing of David's wife and their daughter. The talent sure runs in the family!

The second visit in essence turned out to be very rewarding. We had extra time to visit and Victor put out a great spread for the band member's and their families. While we were disappointed that Gary could not be with us at this year's reunion, getting to know each other again after all the time what passed was wonderful.

Visit Bob's website and listen to the cool musical tribute to Eric.

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