by: Beth FOXNEWS Jordan

Beth: Hey there Tommy! Thanks so much for joining us today. First, tell us a little bit about yourself growing up. When did you first decide that being a guitarist in a rock band is what you wanted to do above all else? Who were some of the artists who influenced that decision.


Tommy: When I became about 13 or 14 it was that kind of magical time of your life when you first really discover rock & roll and begin going to concerts, I think it was around that time that I thought, "This might be a cool thing to do." I was heavily influenced by bands like KISS, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Foghat, Montrose and Deep Purple.

Beth: Tell us when and how did you first met Gene Simmons and about the albums he produced for Black n Blue?

Tommy: B 'N B toured with KISS as an opening act in late '85, so soon thereafter we asked him to produce our third (and subsequently fourth) albums mainly because we wanted to recapture our heavier and rawer side that we got away from with our second LP.

Beth: When did you meet the rest of the band?

Tommy: I remember getting to know Eric, Bruce and Paul when I would visit their recording sessions for Crazy Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade and Revenge albums which were all recorded in the Los Angeles area.

Beth: Do you have a special memory of Eric that you'd like to share with the fans?

Tommy: Eric was always a great guy and very approachable. KISS was mixing Hot In The Shade at Cherokee Studios in LA and I had a couple co-writes with Gene so I was at the studio listening to the mixes of those two songs and I remember telling Pat Regan (mix engineer) that I thought the drums needed to come up level-wise because they were a bit buried in the mix. At the end of the session later that night, Eric pulled me aside and thanked me for making sure the drums were well heard, which I thought was cool.

Beth: Finally, tell us a little about what KISS has in store for the fans next.

Tommy: The KISS Rock The Nation Live! DVD will be released this fall ('05) and it's spectacular.

Beth: Tommy, thanks again for taking the time to join us today and for helping us celebrate Eric's memory!

Tommy: Thanks and rock on!


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