A Very Special Wedding day, (Looking Through the eyes of Love)

Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, play a part at Dean and Sara's Wedding

Sara & Dean , Happy wedding day!!.........Dean and Sara's ride, ( an awesome corvette) has a CHIKARA Symbol on the hood in celebration of Eric Carr.

I've been a big Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick fan for many years and i recently got married to my beautiful wife Sara in April of this year. I just wanted to share with you some pictures of what my good friend did with his classic corvette. Knowing what a big fan i was of Eric, he attatched a very special CHIKARA decal to the front of his car just for the wedding day as you can see in the picture (Also tattooed on my arm). I also had Eric's song "Eyes Of Love" play during the end of our wedding ceremony. All through the night, our wedding playlist consisted of Eric Carr songs, Bruce Kulick songs along with Jeff Scott Soto, Dio, Deep Purple and Def Leppard. As you could guess, i'm sure the guests had never been to a wedding that featured this kind of classic playlist, Eric was definately there in spirit at the bar having a drink with us! Once again, thank you for the music and now thank you for all the lifetime memories too!

Dean and Sara