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Meet The RockHeads

They’re the hottest Rock band in the world! They sell millions of albums and play to sellout crowds. They are loved by everyone. They’re very talented, very cute and very lovable. Each of the members is slightly strange in his or her own special way

Chloe Rock Head
Chloe: BASS GUITAR, BACKING VOCALS – A rebel with a thick New York accent. She is strong willed and not easy to sway. Her rough mannerisms offer a challenge to the other Rockheads, but Chloe knows how to lay on the charm when necessary. She is quite the fashionista. She constantly creates wacky costumes and hairstyles in hopes that they will be used in the next Rockheads’ gig. She owns a tiny hand mirror, and continuously pulls it out to do her makeup or fix her hair at the most inopportune times – skateboarding, skydiving, chased by monsters, etc…
Slider Rock Head
Slider: LEAD GUITAR, BACKING VOCALS – With his flowing blond hair, blue eyes and flashy playing style, is a real guitar hero! And the girls love him. He’s an absent-minded airhead at times, but he’s never shy to ask questions. This quality makes him endearing to the audience. Always wearing kneepads and roller blades, Slider got his name because of the “out of this world” knee slides he does on stage. This is a highlight of the show as Slider, with a tape measure on his belt, continuously tries to top his onstage sliding record. Unfortunately, Scruffy and Chloe always miss the “here comes the slide cue”!
Scruffy Rock Head
Scruffy: LEAD VOCALS, RHYTHM GUITAR – Being the frontman and founding member of the Rockheads, is not only the driving force ofthe band but also the glue that keeps everyone together. He comes off as snarky sarcastic at times, but this helps sharpen his ideal rock star persona Rain, sleet or shine, Scruffy NEVER takes off his sunglasses. He feels a true rock ‘n roller should be mysterious. He doesn’t like to smile either; bad for his image. But, in reality, Scruffy has a shy and sensitive side, which always seems to show itself when the audience least expects !
Punky Rock Head
Pinky: DRUMS, BACKING VOCALS – He is prankster of the band, but offstage he is carefree and laid back. He walks with a cowboy-like swagger, and always sees the positive side of a situation. Onstage, Punky transforms into a wild speed demon on the drums. He twirls around in his seat, jumps on his set, and throws his sticks into the air. The only problem is he never quite knows where his sticks will land. Relationship wise, he is closest with Scruffy so the two band mates are always on the same wavelength. Punky also has a huge crush on Chloe, but she is clueless of this. Or at least she pretends to be.

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